5 Steps to Overcoming the Greatest Obstacle to Spiritual Awareness


” 5. Begin to See That There is no Longer a Need to Identify With Any “Self” I Create

This is the stage of true awakening. The self is seen for the illusion that it always was. It was never a real thing that existed; it was but a pattern of habitual behaviors all created by me. Now I can alter those habits. As those habits change, so too does my environment change in response. Now I have experienced true freedom. It is the freedom from what I once thought I knew. The world was as it was only because I saw it that way. I can now create the world in any way I choose by creating new patterns of behavior that are healthier for me and for those I love. This does not mean that I have changed anything in the material world. I have only changed my relationship to that world. At this point, clinging and aversion begin to dissolve as I see that there is no true “self” to do the clinging or the averting. “


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