5 Signs a Spiritual Journey is in Order


“We live in a culture of hyper-accumulation, of hyper-consumption. Our entire lives we have been brainwashed into believing that we need to buy, buy, buy; own, own, own; consume, consume, consume, to no end. An extreme myopia describes our culture’s conquer-control-consume-destroy-repeat mindset, and an even more frenetic myopia cloaks our inability to recognize it.

Things build up. The majority of us are just a few knickknacks away from being considered hoarders. Before we know it, the things we own – own us. It is for these reasons that a spiritual journey is in order. Such a journey puts the need-to-want ratio into a clearer perspective and can teach us the secrets of moderation. When we can look at things and ask ourselves if we really need them or not, we become more likely to think outside the box of consumerism and focus on what we really need to be healthier.

Don’t allow your conquer-control-consume-destroy-repeat, knee-jerk reaction to social norms to destroy the world. Get rid of the things you don’t need. Break the cycle. Don’t allow your life to be turned into a commodity. Don’t let humanity become a soul-less, destructive mechanism that suppresses love, creativity and imagination and destroys the environment. Instead, allow your life to become an adventure. Go on a spiritual journey. Be mythological.”


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