“In defining RESPONSIBILITY, I like to include “the ability to respond” as part of the definition. You should always be the first responder to whatever is happening in your life. You should be the first responder to your own issues. It helps if you can always come from the place of accepting that you create absolutely everything and every situation in your life. The power in that responsibility is that if you created it, you can uncreate it, you can change it, and you can always create something new…

Being responsible and able to respond in a powerful way sets you up to take advantage of OPPORTUNITY. If you really get that you create everything that happens in your life, then you will begin to see clearly the OPPORTUNITY available in each situation. Almost everything you create and are responsible for provides an opportunity for something to be experienced, learned, started, completed, changed, understood, eliminated or integrated.

This month the OPPORTUNITIES will be very interesting and possibly somewhat unexpected. This comes directly out of the unknown we explored last month. If you embrace each day as an opportunity, meet it with a “don’t know mind” and remember to be your own first responder, your experience of life could be exciting and different and full of surprises. …

We are actively feeling the effects of a new set of influences making the end of the year a bit choppy in its swings of highs and lows, emotions, worries and judgments, the dance between Responsibility and Opportunity, doubt, and yet a new confidence born out of a new maturity based on all of our hard personal work so far. 2015 should be truly awesome provided you have done your work. Remember that you are responsible for your life, your happiness, your reactions, your actions, your relationships, your environment, your body and your health and well-being.”

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