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Transcending The Control System : You Are Not A Number

“Seek out your own gnosis. Discern, intuit and know what is yours to know. In these times of revealing, there’s no excuse for not having access to the data anymore. It’s all there to be discovered.

Become your own alchemist, transform information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. And don’t attempt to do it all from the comfort of your armchair with a book or a laptop. You have to put your boots on and start walking. It is often the journey itself that teaches. The mysteries within require gentle and skillful unfolding.

Working on yourself in this way is a lifelong exercise. Like the hunter who continually hones his skills, cares for his weapons and respects his prey. Like the craftsman who strives to improve his dexterity, deepen his knowledge and understand the wood with which he works. This is the path of transcendence.” ~Neil Kramer

The Most Censored Health Stories of 2014 & The Rise of Alternative Media

“People who watch mainstream cable news broadcasts have become functionally retarded in their lack of practical knowledge about the way the world really works. They don’t know, for example, that what you eat affects the health outcome you experience. They think flu shots really work. They think guns are so dangerous that they magically go off by merely being touched. These people believe chemotherapy helps them heal, vitamins are dangerous and that General Mills breakfast cereals are nutritious because they are fortified with small metal shavings known as “iron fortification.”

People who read the alternative media websites, on the other hand, know that almost everything in media and government is a charade… a Hunger Games-like theater of the absurd, where everything is contrived, staged or manipulated to further the interests of either a powerful corporate sponsor or a power-hungry government that wants to dominate its people…

Those who are well informed by reading the alternative media usually have trouble being around mindless mainstream media consumers because it’s difficult to have an intelligent conversation with them. Where to even begin? … Trying to explain reality to a mainstream media news consumer is a lot like trying to teach a pig to sing: you waste your time and annoy the pig…

[T]he zombies who are hypnotized and indoctrinated by mainstream media have to escape their mental prisons on their own… [I]t’s a process that can’t be forced on anyone. If people want to eat their genetically modified junk food, get injected with mercury-laced flu shots and believe that Obama is a friend of the U.S. Constitution, then they have a long journey ahead of them if they want to learn anything at all about the way the world really works.”

One New Year’s Resolution That Can Transform Your Life – Forever

“Your greatest resource is not time, money or investments. Your greatest resource is your energy. Not just the energy necessary to get through the day, but rather the vibrational energy that makes you who you are. The universe in which we live is one of vibration, and vibration is also what creates each of us.

Your vibrational energy always measures somewhere on a scale between high and low. On the low end of the scale, one is down or depressed. On the high end of the scale, one is radiant – life shines brilliantly through the one whose vibration is high. There is a direct correlation between your vibration and how connected you are…

If we were to reverse engineer human vibration, we would observe that our vibration is effected by our emotions, and our emotions are precipitated by our thoughts. Therefore, we can say that thoughts influence vibration. This is great news, because our thoughts are really the only thing that we have any control over…

Your thoughts and imagination are priceless technology and you are meant to be the controller, but if you don’t take intentional command of this internal technology it is easy for outside sources to take over…

It does take time and practice to master your mind, but there is nothing in the world of greater value in order to raise your vibe and get connected. You cannot expect anything in your life to change or improve until you claim the most important power that you have – your power to think and your discernment in what thoughts to believe and give energy to through your attention.”