How to Develop the Four Primary Skills of All Meditation

“Emancipation or freedom from slavery and bondage is ultimately what the human spirit craves. From the perspective of your spirit, slavery encompasses how the attachments in your life—such as sex, material items, money, power and all that they bring—prevent you from being free. Bondage has to do with the ways in which your ego (or collection of identities) and your karmic loops bind you into the reality you experience, and thereby limit your human growth…

In Taoism, whether you meditate for your health, stress relief, high-performance goals or more lofty spiritual pursuits, the journey commences by progressively and systematically making the body conscious. This awakening process must be developed to a relatively high degree in order to engage the middle ground of meditation, where a lot more emotional and mental stability is required. During every micro-step of the process, four primary skills form the foundation of all more advanced meditation practices, whether Taoist or any other genuine form of meditation. Using a pragmatic strategy, anyone can learn how to meditate, or hone, refine and boost the effectiveness of their current practice.

The four primary skills that enable all forms of meditation are:

Presence — the ability to be in the here and now;
Awareness — the ability to be conscious of what is;
Focus — that which guides and directs your awareness;
Concentration — that ability to stay on point and thereby generate a continuum of unified consciousness…

In Lao Tzu’s meditation tradition, the practitioner works around the circle time and time again, slowly sinking deeper into the depths of their mind and being with each revolution. However, the depth you achieve is not governed by the practices themselves, but rather by your patience and stamina from training regularly over time.”


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