Sunspot Cycles and the Global Shift in Consciousness

“Thousands of years of data illustrate that within solar cycles there are periods where humanity is at great unrest and times change. The specific period where most change is seen to happen is called the solar maximum. This is the period in which the Sun’s activity is at its peak…

Within each 11-year cycle, [there are] 3 years of minimum excitability, 2 years of growth in excitability, 3 years of maximum excitability, and 3 years of a decline in excitability…

We are currently in the 3rd period of maximum excitability… Characteristics: Discovery of solutions, masses more impatient with status quo, masses unite, new leaders appear… It is therefore not surprising that we have been seeing social action such as the Turkish, Egyptian and Brazilian uprisings during the year 2013…

[W]e have stepped into the beginning of a new World Age. The Mayans and Egyptians call it ‘The Aquarian Age.’ This age is characterized by peace, unity, community, and harmony. Millions of people are already awakening from mind to Consciousness, making the old obsolete… Protests, unrest, lack of peace, instability in our world structures, the rise of new solutions, and feelings from within that it is time for things to change, are all signs of our old world collapsing.”


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