Graham Hancock on Ancient Aliens, Atlantis & Ayahuasca

“I think we can choose a new path; we don’t have to go down the murderous and self-destructive path we’re walking right now. But you know, we don’t need another comet impact or an asteroid or earth-destroying earthquakes to end our civilization, we’re perfectly capable of doing it ourselves. And we’re on our way to doing so, but it doesn’t have to happen.

There is a new awakening of consciousness; people all around the world are waking up. They’re refusing to put up with the bullshit of the state and the big corporations and the endless hatred and fear and division that is sown amongst us. People are finding their voices and are waking up to a new consciousness. And I take great hope from that. I feel very positive, actually. …

In my view, the material aspect of life is secondary, and the spiritual aspect is primary. But I think we should say it’s a blessing to be born in a human body. We’re so fortunate to have this opportunity and that’s why we shouldn’t waste it. That’s what is so really demonic about modern society – that it conspires to persuade us to waste the opportunity, to think it’s all about production and consumption and material things, and not to nurture the spirit in any way. This is the real conspiracy of modern society. It wants to make us forget that life is a gift, a precious, precious gift not to be wasted.”


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