2014 Midterms : Here Comes ALL the Voter Fraud…


“Voting in this country is an absolute and total joke.

The best thing that comes from it is reserved for the people in high places and the fact that they get to suck a large portion of the population into a small-minded, left-right paradigm of false debates and even more false choices to keep people divided so ultimately We the People won’t stand up together and in one unanimous voice tell these powers that shouldn’t be that we’re all sick of getting screwed. Because 99% of everyone in America is…

Voting isn’t a patriotic duty. It’s a big fat smelly sham. It gets and has gotten us nowhere for decades. If people really wanted to take this country back from the greedy oligarchy running things, get back to the fundamental ideas of a Constitutional Republic with a small central government this nation was founded on, people would shun these elections like the Amish shun things the Amish shun.

We would all (and should all), as a group, physically turn our backs on these ceremonies. We should vote no confidence. Instead, we continue to be led. Off a cliff. Like lemmings.

Really — We should just vote for Nobody

Nothing changes because voting is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

“So come November, the choice is clear: do you want another spineless mouthpiece for special interests and lobbyists…or a spineless mouthpiece for special interests and lobbyists?”’ ~Melissa Melton


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