How to Develop the Four Primary Skills of All Meditation

“Emancipation or freedom from slavery and bondage is ultimately what the human spirit craves. From the perspective of your spirit, slavery encompasses how the attachments in your life—such as sex, material items, money, power and all that they bring—prevent you from being free. Bondage has to do with the ways in which your ego (or collection of identities) and your karmic loops bind you into the reality you experience, and thereby limit your human growth…

In Taoism, whether you meditate for your health, stress relief, high-performance goals or more lofty spiritual pursuits, the journey commences by progressively and systematically making the body conscious. This awakening process must be developed to a relatively high degree in order to engage the middle ground of meditation, where a lot more emotional and mental stability is required. During every micro-step of the process, four primary skills form the foundation of all more advanced meditation practices, whether Taoist or any other genuine form of meditation. Using a pragmatic strategy, anyone can learn how to meditate, or hone, refine and boost the effectiveness of their current practice.

The four primary skills that enable all forms of meditation are:

Presence — the ability to be in the here and now;
Awareness — the ability to be conscious of what is;
Focus — that which guides and directs your awareness;
Concentration — that ability to stay on point and thereby generate a continuum of unified consciousness…

In Lao Tzu’s meditation tradition, the practitioner works around the circle time and time again, slowly sinking deeper into the depths of their mind and being with each revolution. However, the depth you achieve is not governed by the practices themselves, but rather by your patience and stamina from training regularly over time.”

Ferguson Proves Predictive Programming Works

“Between the government and mainstream media, the highly organized, scripted agenda with the protesters, and the predictable public outrage on all sides — all the energy and emotional investments that went into this particular case in Ferguson — and the perfectly scheduled outcome right down to the minute (8pm Nov. 24th), this has been one of the clearest, most obvious cases of mass social engineering we have witnessed in a while.

The government and the media have clearly, nakedly programmed this situation to foment civil unrest on demand. They say “JUMP! (Riot!) (Burn!)” and the sheep immediately chime in “HOW HIGH?!” …

We cannot allow ourselves to be mass programmed like robots.

We have to come together and see past all this, stop fighting amongst ourselves and realize what’s really going on here.”

Also see, Ferguson and the False Promise of “Revolution”

“One cannot accomplish anything by burning down one’s own community, killing one another, or complaining and protesting endlessly. Real revolution is not taking to the streets and destroying a political order, it is creating a new order that displaces the old…

Build, don’t burn. Collaborate, don’t complain. Don’t simply “resist” the system, replace it altogether.”

The Way of the Bodhisattva : Living in the World

“Bodhicitta is the feeling and connectivity that is generated when we allow ourselves to be compassionate. There are two kinds of bodhicitta: absolute bodhicitta and relative bodhicitta.

Citta means mind and heart, your feelings of this moment. Bodhi means awake or awareness. Therefore bodhicitta is the awareness of the heart of this moment.

When we feel things that we dislike, we try to run away from them. We try to distract ourselves with rationalizations or diversions. Bodhicitta means staying with the feelings that you dislike. Allowing them to be there without running away, you will discover how they change along with the arising of fearlessness within.

Relating to the moment with openness is relative bodhcitta. It means practicing mindfulness and acceptance in this moment, every moment.

Absolute bodhicitta is cultivated through meditation. Absolute bodhicitta is the underlying emptiness of all things that thrums with the love of existence. It is groundlessness and freedom and openness, like a vast sky. It is your nature…

Most of all, bodhicitta is something you discover in your own way through your own experience. Words help to give the impression but it is you who must awaken yourself to your genuine heart.”

Chemtrails and the Nuclear Connection

“When we begin to connect the dots to the thousands of unsafe and often highly toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and hormone disruptors to which we are exposed daily, we then can collectively see that this is not just a one-issue health crisis we face. Rather, with corporations allowed free reign to poison us with impunity, we do not have any way to have any redress of decades of grievances. The ramifications of this are enormous.” ~ Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

“These nuclear, chemical and electromagnetic programs amount to an assault on our very existence. Given that threat it poses, and the questions it raises of those entrusted with our governance, this realization causes many people to go into fear, disbelief, and to shut down. The implications are simply too challenging for many to entertain, much less invest any real time and energy in trying to understand the problem in the level of detail it requires. And so, despite mountains of scientific, environmental and political evidence to the contrary, chemtrails are still written off by many as a “tin foil hat” fantasy…

Our health and our future depends on the health of our planet. Gambling with our collective future is violation of natural law.

The only way to stop this assault is to dismantle these programs and the institutions that support them, to actively support scientific, educational, environmental and health research that is designed and executed in transparency, with public welfare in mind, and to educate pilots and scientists who are led to carry out these dangerous environmental programs.” ~Ethan Indigo Smith

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1%

Nafeez Ahmed: “How does open source everything have the potential to ‘re-engineer the Earth’?”

Robert David Steele: “Open Source Everything overturns top-down ‘because I say so at the point of a gun’ power. Open Source Everything makes truth rather than violence the currency of power. Open Source Everything demands that true cost economics and the indigenous concept of ‘seventh generation thinking’ – how will this affect society 200 years ahead – become central.

Most of our problems today can be traced to the ascendance of unilateral militarism, virtual colonialism, and predatory capitalism, all based on force and lies and encroachment on the commons. The national security state works for the City of London and Wall Street – both are about to be toppled by a combination of Eastern alternative banking and alternative international development capabilities, and individuals who recognise that they have the power to pull their money out of the banks and not buy the consumer goods that subsidise corruption and the concentration of wealth. The opportunity to take back the commons for the benefit of humanity as a whole is open – here and now. …

We are at the end of an era in which lies can be used to steal from the public and the commons. We are at the beginning of an era in which truth in public service can restore us all to a state of grace.”