“THERE WAS NO PROTOCOL” : Dallas Nurses’ Statement Is a Horrifying Timeline of Ebola FAIL


“[I]f officials were taking this Ebola outbreak seriously with the level of respect a real Ebola outbreak of this reported magnitude deserves, then from the beginning it has been handled as if we’re all living in the movie Idiocracy where common sense has long ago gone extinct. Or perhaps the people in charge all got together in a big room and watched the film Outbreak, just to find out what not to do and then do it all.

This whole Ebola situation has been playing out on the American stage like a bad horror film written by people with 9th grade educations who took a screenwriting class on the weekends at the local YMCA or something.

After [“Patient Zero,” Thomas] Duncan’s nurse Nina Pham was diagnosed with Ebola, [CDC Director] Dr. Frieden told everyone it was a breach in protocol that led to Pham getting infected. This is the same protocol Frieden had been working overtime to reassure America is so rigorous that it would stop the Ebola virus in its tracks. The same protocol which, obviously, failed on Duncan.

Well, according to the nurses working behind the scenes with Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital: “There was no protocol.”

NO protocol. Not just crappy protocol or lacking protocol, but no protocol whatsoever.

Just let that sink in for a minute…

And now we’re being told another nurse from that hospital who cared for Mr. Duncan has Ebola, and got on a plane from Cleveland to Dallas with a low-grade fever prior to her diagnosis…

From now on, just know that when the CDC director says “protocol was breached,” it’s another useless line out of his mouth that no one can believe because apparently there wasn’t any protocol at all. In fact, it was the CDC who told the second Ebola-infected nurse that it was okay if she flew.

If you feel like saying the ‘F’ word repeatedly at this point, you are not alone. This whole situation is one giant clusterf— of ineptitude of the most moronic caliber. Unless, of course, the people at the top know something the rest of us don’t.”

Also see, If It’s So Real, Why the Massive ‘Ebola Is Real’ Propaganda Campaign?


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