Barbara Marciniak : The Path of Empowerment

“A tidal wave of light-encoded energy, emanating from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, permeates the new territories of space that your solar system is currently passing through on its journey through the cosmos. This energy is being deliberately introduced to your world to quickly enhance and upgrade human awareness in multiple levels of reality. The cosmos is rich with life, and consciously advanced civilizations distribute their knowledge and achievements throughout the field of existence using light frequencies as carrier waves for information.

Massive influxes of ever-increasing cosmic radiation carry patterns and codes for peaceful and sustainable solutions to your global challenges, revealing to humanity a grander understanding of the design of existence. Once selected, these codes can elevate human consciousness and inspire it to resolve the raging conflict over ideas that separate humanity through the acts of war, greed, and tyranny. The proliferation of chaos and confusion in world society is actually stimulating humanity to awaken to a higher order of values.” (page 211)

“You are capable of accomplishing greatness when you believe in yourself. Remind yourself that you are a co-creator of the multiverse, that life is about to change, and that everything can be healed, if you are willing to do the work…

Think about the kind of life that is important for you to live. When you look back on these times from another vantage point, what will your life be noted for? How will you see yourself, “your character in this time,” from two thousand years in the future? What is your contribution to the healing on the lines of time?

You are the star of your own creation – like the sun rising on the horizon to awaken the world; be vigilant and aware, kind, compassionate, and just. Your task is to nurture yourself and develop a positive, life enhancing attitude, especially in regard to your body. You must take charge of your life and realize that every moment offers a potential probability for connecting you to a future where you flourish and thrive.” (page 176)


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