“The Cult of the Inauthentic”

“However mind-numbingly grinding life can become, we are expected to just keep sucking it up and plodding on. The result is that people are living lives they do not like. They are conducting themselves in a way that is not in accordance with their truth. They are upholding things that they know are dishonorable. Because so many people are caught up in this way of living, it is often genuinely mistaken for being just the way things are. The truth is, it is only the way things are if we wish it to be…

Most people simply follow the program and do what they’re supposed to do. Even when that program proves to be wholly disingenuous, this is willfully overlooked because rejecting it would mean upsetting too many people and placing oneself in a position of exotic self-determination.

When people lack the insight and spirit to design their own lives, or they simply can’t be bothered, they tend to go with the unconscious agenda. It doesn’t really matter what that is, as long as it’s agreeably predetermined and socially acceptable. This is well acknowledged and heavily exploited by those who administer the broader social strategies that shape our culture. It is made all too easy to join the cult of the inauthentic…

Like most cults, the cult of the inauthentic uses isolationist strategies to exercise control over the minds of its devotees. It is vital that previously vibrant individuals are transformed into whitewashed zombies. There are many techniques used to accomplish this, but they can be reduced down into three main areas:

1) Us vs. Them
2) Group Think
3) Surrendering Individuality

These three principles keep the cult functioning and operate almost entirely outside the sphere of conscious awareness. If they are brought into the light, the cult immediately begins to lose its dark charisma, and its authority wanes. Like the magician who shows you the secret of the card trick – once the methodology is revealed, the performance is no longer magical and you can’t be fooled again. So it is with the cult. You cannot un-see what you have seen. The once-faithful flock begin to abscond in increasing numbers when they begin to act from their own individual spirit.” ~Neil Kramer
(The Unfoldment, pages 132-133; 135-136)



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