Neil Kramer : Channelling Reality

“The most important tool on the spiritual path is discernment. Discernment is the synthesis of the mind’s reason, the heart’s intuitive connection to energy and the spirit’s capacity to know and embody pure higher will.

You can’t just do it with your heart, that leads to poor judgment over and over again. Follow your heart only and it will lead you astray. Because it’s only one third of our reality engaging apparatus.

Mind is the first we must develop. Intellect, reason, critical thinking, analysis, deconstruction, practicality, creativity, communication — all of them.

Heart is the second thing to develop. Connection. Heart is connection. It is the energetic portal through which we merge with other energy systems be they people, sunsets, handmade thank you cards, poetry, bald eagles or esoteric wisdom; those are all energetic systems. Heart can connect to them, and through this connection can come a profound appreciation of contact, and sometimes we call that love…

Will is the third and final faculty to develop… Mind first, then heart, then will. Will brings soul wisdom into the animal, higher knowledge of realms that we will enter into when our consciousness and spiritual refinement has reached a certain threshold. We can call it, will, the gateway to the higher dimensions.” ~Neil Kramer (Roamcast #11)


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