Understanding and Dismantling the Global Control System


“Something people can do, when looking at this whole system – social, economic or government, is to ask themselves if their life is one of comfort and abundance; and if it isn’t, to ask themselves why. Why are you forced to run so hard on the treadmill? Why are you forced to be enslaved to an economic model which is interest-based and designed to place you in scarcity? Why is our system like this? …

[W]e have had a slavery system gradually superimposed over our reality… virtually everybody is forced to live in a state of perpetual or self-generating debt as soon as they are old enough to work. What we have here is ‘people farming’; we have human trafficking by debt-slavery, whereby every person within this society has been turned into a commodity… a mechanism by which the criminal, ruling banksters at the top of the food-chain are able to harvest your wealth.

Real wealth is not measured in terms of possessions; it cannot be judged in terms of financial security. Real wealth is your life; your health. What makes you wealthy is if you are a happy, healthy person living in a good environment. The banksters harvest your time, your health and your life – they harvest you.

It is extremely important for people to see the reality of this… to understand that this is a system that is wholly supported and perpetuated by governments… [B]ills and laws have been raised and raised, and people have been taught to run faster and faster on the treadmill, so that now they’re running flat-out and they don’t even realize that they’re running. This means of course that they never really have time to look around them and notice what is going on, and how this system is run…

[O]ur entire society, and everything about it, is all based on fear. It is fear-based mind control. They control your mind so that you don’t perceive anything outside of a left-brain reality; the five-sense perception that you have of reality.

When you have this understanding, and you finally comprehend what reality is and how it works, then fear just falls away from you. You begin to see that there really is nothing to fear, and that the only real problem is the vibration of fear itself.”

10 Ways to Become More Conscious


“Desire raises your consciousness. Apathy lowers it.

When you get clear about what you want, such as by setting a goal, you raise your consciousness. Clarity focuses your mind and gives you the power to think and act intelligently. You can feel this effect whenever you think about something you definitely want.

On the other hand, when your desire is unclear, your consciousness is muddled. Your thoughts lack focus and direction, and you merely spin your wheels.

Strive to become more clear about what you truly desire most, and your consciousness will expand.” ~Steve Pavlina

Neil Kramer : Channelling Reality


“The most important tool on the spiritual path is discernment. Discernment is the synthesis of the mind’s reason, the heart’s intuitive connection to energy and the spirit’s capacity to know and embody pure higher will.

You can’t just do it with your heart, that leads to poor judgment over and over again. Follow your heart only and it will lead you astray. Because it’s only one third of our reality engaging apparatus.

Mind is the first we must develop. Intellect, reason, critical thinking, analysis, deconstruction, practicality, creativity, communication — all of them.

Heart is the second thing to develop. Connection. Heart is connection. It is the energetic portal through which we merge with other energy systems be they people, sunsets, handmade thank you cards, poetry, bald eagles or esoteric wisdom; those are all energetic systems. Heart can connect to them, and through this connection can come a profound appreciation of contact, and sometimes we call that love…

Will is the third and final faculty to develop… Mind first, then heart, then will. Will brings soul wisdom into the animal, higher knowledge of realms that we will enter into when our consciousness and spiritual refinement has reached a certain threshold. We can call it, will, the gateway to the higher dimensions.” ~Neil Kramer (Roamcast #11)

Disconnecting from the Matrix and Reconnecting with Consciousness


“If you are born into a madhouse, and you know nothing else, then madness to you is normal. It is still crazy, but it’s normal crazy masquerading as sanity. Welcome to Planet Earth, a standard, typical, normal, madhouse where civilians are bombed to protect them from violence, children starve in a world of plenty, people borrow money that doesn’t exist and pay interest on it, food is a form of poison and the inmates can’t see how comprehensively they are being shafted because they are too busy following their football team and watching Eastenders and X Factor

The world is mad because those running the world and much of the population are in a state of madness. The point is, though, that they don’t have to be. Madness is only extreme myopia and ignorance and both are the creation of a closed and padlocked mind. Open your mind beyond myopia and ignorance and this madness will take care of itself…

The more you move your point of attention to the heart the more our suicidal society becomes self-evident… The heart and associated heart vortex, or chakra, are our prime connection to the infinite forever. The brain is supposed to be its servant not its master…

The brain is not the source of anything. It is the conduit, the biological computer system, which responds to information stimuli and makes it conscious in terms of five-sense perception and behaviour… Once you open yourself to heart intelligence – innate intelligence, universal intelligence – the ‘opposition’ is routed and the heart and brain speak as one…

The heart vortex and its massive electromagnetic field is where human perception has been most effectively hijacked and we need to reverse that. Nothing is more important than this for those who truly want to free themselves…”

Richard Dolan : Privatized UFO Knowledge


“Richard Dolan is a researcher, author, and public speaker on the topic of UFOs and related matters. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in History and English Literature at Alfred University, then earned a Master’s degree in History at the University of Rochester…

In the first hour, we’ll discuss how UFO knowledge is at the heart of America’s black budget. We talk about how UFO knowledge has been privatized and speculate on the players in this secret agenda. Richard talks about the possibility of other intelligences who are involved. If a breakaway civilization exists, what does that mean? It might be possible that the “others” are from a more advanced civilization with a human population…”