Neil Kramer : Invisible Empire

“For the ordinary person, the primary power of Empire rests not in its might or cunning, but in its invisibility. People who are not mindful of its presence do not comprehend their conscious and spiritual incarceration. For those who decide to inquire into Empire, initial investigations usually begin with scrutiny of interconnected fraternal and secret organizations and their relative aristocratic families. Then there are the think tanks, corporations, and institutions that have been sequestered by Empire. This leads on to analyzing the logical deleterious effects on society, law, science, industry, culture, education, language, and media.

Many intelligent people don’t want to think about the possibility of a malevolent force that is curbing human development and expression… [M]any who take their first look at Empire are apt to promptly turn away and forget all about it. They know there’s something there, but they don’t want to know any more. They are not prepared for the inevitable life changes that such esoteric knowledge brings. … Empire is what happens when humans forget who they are and what they’re doing. Some of that is our fault, and some of it is not. Either way, we always have the power to change it…

The intelligences within Empire are playing a high level game. Despite the restrictions of Empire’s esoteric origins and heavy negative polarization, it is not a low consciousness game. The higher the orchestrating consciousness, the more it has to abide by universal law. One such law forbids contravening the consent of a sovereign being. So Empire must give either constructive or actual notice of its ruling intentions. Better still, they get the people to sign their personal will away.

This consent is harvested through claiming you are your name, claiming you live at your street address, driving licenses, taxation, citizenship, passports, registering to vote etc. People are conditioned to consider themselves subject to the rule of the monarchy, the government, the scientific dictatorship, the banks, the military, and the police. This fosters an attitude of continual subservience. If consent is withdrawn, all of this can be reversed. Empire is toothless without consent.” ~Neil Kramer

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