Neil Kramer : Glass Man

“Emotional maturity is a fantastic marker for higher attainment… Without a degree of self-mastery, you can not know anything of the higher order. You have to get your own self together – clean, strong, balanced – first. There is no evolution without conscious work… The only evolution is conscious evolution…

The youthful mystic is taught to teach by example; not just words, not just intentions, but by what you do and how you do it.

Work on the quality of your own being and know that once it reaches a certain threshold, it will serve as a beacon for others – other people around you who you walk past in everyday life, in the most unexpected and unglamorous of places. We all support and inspire our fellow human adventurers in how to be. And only through this pioneering, smooth, deep being, do we find the level of fulfillment that we’ve always wished for.”
~Neil Kramer (Roamcast #10)

CLICK HERE for a direct download MP3. You can also STREAM it online.

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