Neil Kramer : I Got Soul

“This episode features contemplations on: time to stop and look, mystical contact through natural means, animals we share the world with, bickering in the alternative world, aggrieved teachers, separating gold from sludge, personal problems vs intellectual ideologies, egoic chariot races, gauging the wholeness of a soul, zen master guitar teacher, Jason Newsted, the man is in the music, Joe Satriani, inner limitations transfer into the work, mapping out suffering with music, confronting negative disconnections of reality, full spectrum human beings, Sandy Hook Elementary School findings, analysis of official family photographs, forensic techniques, stimulated vs simulated false flags, synthetic reality, transmitting wisdom without opening your mouth, hooking into the same space for knowledge and experiential transfer, the space not the thing.” (Roamcast #8)

CLICK HERE for a direct download MP3. You can also STREAM it online.


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