Neil Kramer : 2014 – The Year Ahead

For the sovereign self-determining soul, 2014 will see all remaining cracks open up into deep canyons; in the control system, in government, in society, and in ourselves. Issues that had been papered over for many a long year, will demand unswerving attention. No more hiding. The paradigm is shifting with surprising haste.

What was alternative in 2001 is now mainstream. What was paranormal is now normal. What was extraordinary is now ordinary. This makes it hard for unconsciously egotistical teachers and scholars to operate, especially in the alternative sphere. Power based on obscure knowledge is an empty power. As Bruce Lee once said, “Knowledge earns you power, but character earns you respect.”

People want to see who walks it. How has their metaphysical study improved their life and relationships? How has it informed their humor and love? As ever, many can persuasively talk about it on Youtube and Podcasts and Skype and Television, but can they do it in real life? In their own domestic lives?”


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