“This is a month that will allow you to gain some momentum in the areas of your life that have felt stagnant and loaded with no release in sight. For some it will be psychological, for some emotional, and for others a positive movement towards long dreamed of goals. It is important not to get ahead of yourself and to learn pacing in your priorities. If you can learn the lessons of ease and grace in your approach to all things, it will serve you well…

The opportunity is for releasing how you hold fear, worry and anxiety. It is time to re imprint yourself with the notion that everything has its right timing and everything of importance will get done. …

It’s all systems go this month. Watch the body’s reaction to stress, worry and anxiety. Watch for old toxins finding a way to be released. Your body will be a great barometer this month on whether you are on the right track for ease and grace or not. Problem areas may include the heart, blood pressure, headaches, joints and bones. This is a good month to do a liver detox and to support the kidneys. …

Adjusting to the frequency and rhythm of this month will require a look at your priorities. This time frame could get a bit overwhelming if you allow your mind to be the boss. This is a great opportunity to let go of all the priorities that are not really important and to allow for timing, space, grace and ease to support whatever is coming into your life at this time.”


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