2014 and The Queen of Spades


“In 1949 when George Orwell (Eric Blair) assigned the date of 1984 to his novel about high tech mind control by a central administration of tyranny, he was more like 65 years rather than 35 years ahead of his time. He was so prescient that terms from his work, such as “Cold War”, “thought crime”, “thought police”, “double think” and “Orwellian”, are used in common parlance to describe real world phenomena.

The powers behind the scenes are in the process of tweaking their elaborate system to complete the establishment of full control of the world and its population in The New World Order Empire.

30 years after 1984, the roll out year of obvious in-your-face tyranny may be 2014.

This long-term gradual process is being accomplished by powerful wealthy strategists thoroughly compromising both institutions and individuals through a vast array of avenues and methods, including: fractional reserve banking, interest, loans, debt, privately controlled central banks, fiat currency, resources, chemicals, technology, industry, corporations, medicine, education, media, communications, government-corporate interlocking, bribery, blackmail, threat, murder, false flags, secret treaties, war, fear, hypnosis, psy ops, symbols, and other overt and hidden means of influencing everything from world affairs to personal attitudes and the health of body and mind…”


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