Quotes : Alan Watts


“How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself anything less than a god?” ~Alan Watts

Grand Sextile Portal — July 29th, 2013


“This Grand Sextile invites us to step through a portal, giving us a glimpse of another way of being.

During this time we may find ourselves confronting our blocks, recognising where we feel resistance and hold ourselves back from true connection, intimacy and closeness with others. The energy of this Sextile should help us look at ourselves with compassion and forgiveness and help us move through and past our limitations, and blocks.

Sextiles are like open doors or gateways, showing us what opportunities lie beyond and what skills are available to us if we are to step through them. In order to make the most of this powerful and energetic occurrence we should focus our intentions on Monday, meditating on what we want for ourselves and for the world. We should hold Mother Earth and all things feminine in our mind’s eye as we imagine a beautiful future both for ourselves and for the planet.”

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Neil Kramer : The Price of Fish


“Here’s a question you can ask… when you are contemplating the health of a relationship with someone:

To the best of your knowledge, is the other person consciously growing — yes or no?

Are they spending time on their own development and further education? Are they committed to their own spiritual evolution? Are they being real, sincere and excellent in their thought and conduct on a daily basis? Are they engaging themselves with matters of substance? Are they consciously growing, or not? …

If you have achieved a certain developmental velocity in your life, then you’ll quickly tire of those who are, for all intents and purposes, stationary. You may love them and you may care about them, but you will cease to regard them as allies on your journey. They cannot see you, they cannot know you; they have no true feeling for your essence…

We have to respect everybody’s decision to grow slowly – that is, to live unconsciously… Even those who are hopelessly prancing about in the shadows of ignorance.  Even the sleepers; those who choose not to refine their inner spiritual music and instead decide to pursue sensual relief and mental withdrawal.  We have to appreciate, at a fundamental level, that that is their prerogative…

The control system, the old hierarchy, asks them to live like that, but it’s optional. It requires our consent to function. It is a game – a juvenile hoax to not take full account of oneself, to renounce the divine and to behave as if life is just about feathering one’s nest. This mental frolicking in the enchantment of materialism is totally elective…

Play your own gameWork on your own excellence. …

From our human year by year perspective, it is wise to observe that all relationships end. Expect that. People come and go. And it’s okay… ‘Isn’t it sad’? No, not really – because it’s only time that brings the sorrow of separation and the emptiness of being alone. So, you might want to contemplate the nature of time in your world. No time, no pain. No need to worry about what is temporary… Let’s respectfully remind ourselves all things in the material theater of life on earth are fleeting.” ~Neil Kramer (Roamcast #5)

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State Of Mind : The Psychology Of Control (Full Film)


“State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control… reveals that much of what we believe to be truth is actually deliberate deception. The global elites are systematically implanting lies into our consciousness to erect a “tyranny over the minds of men.” This film exposes the mind control methods being used to turn our once vibrant society into a land of obedient sheeple.”

“The greatest barrier to discovery isn’t ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge.”

~Richard Grove

Astrology Forecast : July 17, 2013 – Pele Report


“We have to break out of our old definition of who we are. It’s restrictive… This is a year of expanding the truth within of who we are, of what we’re capable of, of what we’re responsible for, of what we are capable of doing and creating — like our own realities…

Mars conjunct Jupiter. When was the last time Mars was conjunct Jupiter? Go back two years ago, April of 2011… That was the birth of a new impulse, of a new potential, of our unconscious wanting to become conscious… individuate, change, rebel, revolutionize. These are the beginnings; the seeds were sown in Aries back then… and Mars comes around again to give us another kick in the ass…

Mars is the sword. Cut the chords with the past, get out of victim consciousness, get out of what happened to me as a little child, and who’s to blame for who I am… Recreate yourself anew!

These are wild times. This is a wild month

Take this week and next week to really get into your power, get into your heart, get into your gut, get into your feeling… get into your unconditional self-love… Go in, discover your truth — which is connected to your heart, your emotions — who you really want to be… what you want to stand for in the world.” ~Tom Lescher

Sacred Sites and Energy Fields


“Ley lines are geometric alignments between sacred sites. These energy lines, also referred to as “serpent lines” or the telluric currents, don’t actually have any energy by themselves, but transmit and receive the energies present around the globe. All the sacred sites on the face of the earth, without exception, are aligned on the crossing paths of the earth’s telluric currents, the magnetic lines of energy that flow across the earth’s surface.

The reason why the ancients sourced these vortex points is because they have a direct influence physiologically on the body…

The purpose of sacred sites was to improve one’s ability to get out of the left-brain, and into the right-brain – the more intuitive side. The ancients recognised that you’re on a journey of experience, and the lighter your body becomes during this experience, the better you are at managing self-control. The more psychic or intuitive you become, the more aware you are of the life around you. You can become precognisant of future events and prepare ahead of time for certain events which may not be beneficial to you. You have a degree of control over your life, and that’s the reason these sacred sites were built – so you don’t have to rely on other people to tell you what to do.”