Tom Montalk : What is the Matrix Control System?

“[T]he central brain of the Matrix Control System, known by the ancients as the Demiurge… is said to be the soul of the universe. It is the all-pervading energy field that projects matter, energy, space, and time at the quantum level. The Demiurge is a nonphysical artificial intelligence that, in its original and rightful form, fashioned physicality according to the divine will. Except it has since broken away from the divine framework and become a parasite upon its own corner of Creation, which is the universe we now find ourselves in.

The Demiurge has shaped this universe into a cold deterministic machine, a construct that perpetuates the illusion of linear time, that grinds onward without regard for the consciousness of its inhabitants, that forces its subjects to live by the law of the jungle. These spiritually suffocating conditions are what allow the Matrix Control System to exist. They lead to a mode of living that favors serving self at the expense of others. What was supposed to have been a nurturing womb, a growth matrix for the evolution of consciousness through physical experience, has instead taken on overtones of a spiritual prison

What is the Matrix? It is the totality of forces and mechanisms that aim to keep us spiritually asleep.”

Tom Montalk : Five Critical Human Weaknesses

“The first weakness is that our perception is limited to only the five physical senses. In being unable to see anything beyond the material universe, we are lured into emulating its ways, into acting like animals or machines even though at the core we are spirit…

Our second weakness stems from science staying firmly in the realm of physical matter, physical energy, 3D space, and linear time. This holds back the necessary revolutions in technology that would overcome scarcity and environmental destruction…

Our third weakness is ego, the mental parasite that keeps us emotionally invested in the Matrix. It is a foreign installation, grafted upon the soul through genetic imprinting and social conditioning… So long as the Ego rules our choices, we will always be acting in ways that reinforce the Matrix

The fourth weakness is ignorance, stupidity, and naiveté, which keep us from making informed decisions. Deception succeeds only when invited in by lack of awareness. Mankind’s problem is not so much the forces who seek to control it, but the scourge of public ignorance that sustains and regenerates these forces…

And the fifth weakness is humanity’s unquestioned faith in consensus reality. Consensus reality is the way mainstream society perceives the world, the way it works, what every individual must do to survive in it, what is permissible and what is impossible. It is the map drawn by the Matrix to chart our course through life…

These weaknesses reinforce each other… All must be overcome together if mankind is to permanently secure its freedom. If the human race as a whole cannot do it, maybe the rest of us can. We shall accomplish it through the mastery of spirit over the mind, and mind over matter.”

Tom Montalk : Spirit over Matter

“Ego is an artificial personality created when the intellect is programmed with all the rules, fears, and desires of the Matrix. Everyone has an ego. It acts as an avatar through which Spirit can conveniently interact with the rest of the Matrix world. Your everyday sense of self comes from Spirit shining through the mask of ego.

But like an actor losing himself in his character, Spirit can get lost in the ego, and that’s when things go wrong. In that case, Matrix influences drown out the voice of Spirit. This is actually the norm for most people. They live life from their evolutionary instincts, hormonal drives, and ego desires and insecurities. Spirit is too faint within them to be heard, or else is entirely absent.

Only when Spirit grows sufficiently strong can it override the Ego and transmute it. You can do this by consistently exercising your Spirit instead of feeding your ego, providing you know how to distinguish between them. You must have the awareness, honesty, and humility to acknowledge when you are acting out of selfish or dishonorable motives. Those who value ego more than the truth are servants of the Matrix. To make any progress, one must consistently sacrifice ego on the altar of truth

[W]e must sharpen our minds, purify our personalities, and place these in service of spiritual intuition and noble ideals. Only through a higher guidance system that transcends logic and physical perception can we ever hope to exit the cages of conformity.”

Neil Kramer : Silent Consent

“People have to actually do something if they want to live in a more natural, equitable, and spiritually vibrant world…

It begins with having the confidence to take oneself seriously – to perceive and treat oneself as a powerful, consequential, and unique conscious being that has been given the opportunity to do something of tremendous value. It’s a two-way thing. The more we grow, heal, and stay true to our spiritual ascendency, the more the planet grows, heals, and steers its own organic path of beautiful evolution.

Part of the healing is to no longer consent to what is dishonorable. Wherever that is seen and at whatever level, withdrawing consent stops fueling the fire. It requires a strong and true heart – something that all humans have, should they care to take ownership of it. The sheer weight of public acceptance of what is untrue and deceitful does not matter. In fact, it serves to test the veracity of one’s own freewill and self-assurance as a sovereign being. That freedom is immutable. The problem is: Do people actually want freedom?

In a moment of remarkable lucidity, Jim Morrison, the singer from The Doors said:

How can I set free anyone who doesn’t have the guts to stand up alone and declare his own freedom? I think it’s a lie – people claim they want to be free – everybody insists that freedom is what they want the most, the most sacred and precious thing a man can possess. But that’s bullshit! People are terrified to be set free – they hold on to their chains. They fight anyone who tries to break those chains. It’s their security…

To be free, one has to make decisions for oneself. A surprising number of people don’t really want to do that, because they associate decision-making with risk… win or lose; black or white. But reality is not like that. There is no failure on the spiritual path, other than the temporary postponement of not walking it.” ~Neil Kramer, The Unfoldment (pgs. 94 – 95)