Harnessing Eclipse Energies for Emotional Healing and Freedom


“Thought viruses bind and enslave us to physical reality. They feed on life-force energy by continuously pulling us into lower frequencies where old ideas and ways of being are deeply entrenched… When a person falls prey to a thought virus, their beliefs are modified by the virus and they begin acting in ways consistent with the false reality propagated by the virus… These thoughtforms draw new traumas that reinforce old ones and help the thought virus retain its hold.

The point at which a person is able to step free of thought viruses is the moment they awaken and see through this cycle. Upon awakening, we are able to see that the thought virus is actually helping us by bringing us to the brink of despair – a point that prompts us to become still and ask questions about the situation we are in. These questions crack open the door and the light shines in. This is when we realize everything that happens holds the power to assist us on our journey of awakening if we are willing to sit in gratitude with it

During times when powerful eclipse energies bring our awareness to old emotional dramas still hooked into our emotions, we can sit in gratitude for the assistance they represent. When we sit in love and gratitude during the time of an eclipse, we are able to harness the most powerful energies in the universe to facilitate emotional healing and freedom.”

Former FBI Counterterrorism Agent : “All Digital Communications” and Phone Calls are Recorded


“In a CNN interview about the Boston Bombings investigations, a former FBI counterterrorism agent admitted a startling (yet unsurprising) fact: “all digital communications” are recorded and stored. All of them. All phone calls, all e-mails and all social media interactions. According to him, there is definitely a way of retracing and listening to any phone call made on US soil. While most Americans ignore or deny this reality, the shaping of the USA into a heavily monitored police state is complete…

The aftermath of the Boston Bombings caused the American police state to rears its ugly, repressive head. However, since U.S. citizens are still traumatized from the bombings, they do not oppose it. From the imposition of martial law to the admission of illegal spying of U.S. citizens, “terrorism” is being used to justify illegal, invasive and unconstitutional actions by law enforcement.”

Also see, Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government? http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=24993

Quit the Matrix – Build the Ark


“[I]f you want to be able to take control of your destiny and not be led by the nose by the vampiric forces that currently run this planet, you are going to have to get very close to the ground. Beneath the radar…

You are going to have to participate (in some way) in the production of your own food, your own power, your own shelter. You are going to need to become humble enough to be willing to learn the simple art of survival. That which has been practised for centuries by small farming families throughout the world…

Intellectually, you can see that the consumptive pattern of life upon which your urban life style depends – is trashing the planet – your physical health – your sanity. You are plugged into mainstreet…

No amount of psychotherapy, physiotherapy, hypnotherapy, aroma therapy, colour therapy, naturpathy, massage, yoga, meditation or spiritual counselling is going to help you: unless you first help yourself get off your iceberg bound Titanic.

We are not all destined to become farmers and sowers of seeds. We are not all bound to become house builders and artisans. We are not all destined to live a life of simplicity on the land. But we are all in great need of finding our place in and amongst such. Not as parasites and stooges, but as participants, supporters and work mates of those who make it possible for us to eat, drink and be sheltered from one day to the next, for the rest of our lives…

Here, amongst shared work in the fields, forests, rivers and re-fertilized plains, can also rise again creative arts, crafts, music, dance. But now directed towards and inspired by a higher truth and a deeper awareness; freed from the aggressive, acquisitive commercial trappings that still stand as the tragic grand-totem for a lost and listless human race.”

Patrick Henningsen : Boston Bombings & Third Way Control Mechanism


“Patrick Henningsen, an independent journalist currently based in London, is the managing editor of 21st Century Wire, which delivers news and exposés on intelligence, foreign policy, climate change, the war on terror, technology and Wall Street. Besides demonstrating freedom speech and thought, one of the main intentions of 21st Century Wire is to empower readers by giving them the tools to decode mainstream propaganda.

In the first hour, we’ll discuss the Boston bombings. We speculate on how the Tsarnaev brothers, possibly on the FBI payroll, were set up. Then, we talk about the independent investigations on the Internet into the bombings from sites such as Reddit and 4chan. When the public presented the FBI with suspect evidence, they were dismissed. We also cover the pressure cooker debacle. We end the first hour on the bigger geopolitical game with focus on the Middle East.”



This is a very powerful month and you would be wise to use it well.

The theme of manifesting brings up many areas to work on… growth, change, elimination, study, breakthrough, expansion, balance and alignment. It continues to be a creative time with lots of opportunities for beginnings and endings but the main focus that will give you the most for your efforts is the study and understanding of what MANIFESTING is all about. So treat this month as a daily workshop on manifesting and set an intention that you will end this month with a greater understanding and ability to manifest. Insert the intention for magic and miracles whenever possible…

The opportunity this month is to truly shift your understanding and experience of manifesting in a very positive way.

The challenge will be dealing with all the doubt, negative thoughts and whatever else comes up around this issue of what and how you manifest. Remember that when stuff comes up and you are facing some of your “not-so-fun” manifestations, that you have the power to change, transform, eliminate and shift. Remember magic and miracles…

This is a great opportunity to work through any and all issues around manifesting. You will need discipline to examine neutrally where you are currently in your life, what old patterns run you, where they came from, how you identify with or against them and to shift your beliefs about your own value and what you can have.”