The Spiritual Meaning of the Spring Equinox

“The spring equinox stands upon the point of balance, upon which everything pivots in its motion, in the universe, in the cycles of the seasons, and within ourselves. On one side of the equinox is the dark half of the year, and on the other the light half, representing the struggle between the forces of darkness and light. It is this struggle that gives motion to all cycles in the universe, and which is likewise found in the spiritual work to awaken…

This pulling back and forth between light and darkness symbolizes an underpinning universal principle in creation, found in the cycles of cosmic time and human life. It reveals the role of darkness and light in creating movement through its struggle and opposition. But this also shows the role of darkness and light within ourselves and our lives.

This same struggle between the forces of good and evil takes place within the world, even though most people are completely unaware of it. In life, one is either taking part in this struggle or they are simply the unconscious victims of it. If one is in the struggle, they are either fighting for light, or for darkness. Those who do neither, who do not fight, who do not struggle against darkness, are simply the creatures of the ocean of existence that become churned to pieces from the churning the struggle produces.

In the churning of the milky ocean, the struggle between darkness and light causes multiple spiritual treasures to emerge from the ocean, a poison that has the power to destroy the universe, and finally produces the nectar of immortality. Without the opposition that darkness brings, there would be no movement and no struggle, and it is from the struggle that the spiritual treasures are produced.”

Also see, Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Spring Equinox:


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