The White Hats Report #47 : Watergate revisited?

“It’s time we all realize that our elected officials are nothing but traitors to the Constitution, treasonous individuals who care nothing about the people they’re elected to represent but instead, only about the size of their bank accounts, the luxurious lifestyle they maintain and the ego boost of being “in charge.” They regard the people they represent as idiots, slaves who cannot think for themselves or do for themselves. Like actors in a dark play, talking out of both sides of their mouths and putting on a “show” that passes for leadership. They write and pass laws that don’t apply to them, they write and pass laws that only benefit their campaign contributors, and all the while, their net worth balloons from a few thousand when they’re first elected to hundreds of millions before they finally leave and ride off into the sunset to enjoy their bounty. How does this happen? …

Yet come November, you all will go to the polls and re-elect them, giving them the mandate to continue to destroy your life, your freedoms and your wealth at their own expense. It’s time to wake up and do something before this country that gave hope to the world becomes another footnote in history, another failed experiment where the people give up and remove themselves from the process and allow their elected “leaders” to control their lives. The only place they will lead us is to poverty, destruction and death.

Look around; is this the America you want? Is this the life you dreamed of when you were in school, trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up? A destitute nation where we live paycheck to paycheck or on unemployment and collecting food stamps while paying taxes to a Government that is anything but transparent and does not have the best interest of its citizens at heart?

As the media leads us down the path to ruin, giving us the impression we only have two choices, Republican or Democrat, we continue to “buy in” to the fraud and willingly participate. There are alternatives!”


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