Rise of the Lightworker


“Presently, the political leadership of the USA consists largely of darkworkers… They use lies and deception to push their agendas and to cultivate a climate of fear. This causes many people to feel disconnected from the larger body of humanity. Then those people drop into survival mode. Instead of focusing on service to the greater good, they fear for their own security. This is exactly what the darkworkers want. The more fear that’s generated, the more powerful [they] become…

When someone opposes those powerful darkworkers, [they] often respond with violent force to silence them… They use fear and intimidation to get new laws passed in order to increase their ability to silence opposition and to increase their power…

These darkworkers are not real leaders. A better word would be controllers. They’re only able to lead slaves who submit to control by fear. Highly conscious people see such darkworkers as agents of disease, not as genuine leaders…

While this climate gives rise to more darkworkers, there’s also a strong counter-reaction on the rise. The presence of disease is triggering the body’s immune system to increase the white blood cell count. Those white blood cells are lightworkers. …

Lightworkers strive for a healthy, sane humanity. They’re like white blood cells fighting diseases such as cruelty, apathy, depression, disempowerment, dishonesty, and cowardice… The #1 disease lightworkers battle is fear. Wherever there is fear in the body of humanity, lightworkers are driven to respond.”

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