Above & Beyond Project Looking Glass : An interview with an ex-Navy Seal


“This is an interview with an ex-Navy Seal, who, during the years 1992-2000 was sent on top secret bombing missions in the Middle East, predominantly in Iraq… when we were supposedly not at war with Iraq, yet he and Seal Team 9 were targeting Tomahawk Missiles on a monthly basis taking out targets that were increasingly “soft”… involving deaths of hundreds of innocent civilians…

[T]his highly trained young man and his team were coerced by the military into purposely destroying villages and creating future terrorists as part of a plan that would ultimately serve their dark purpose, the war on terror and 911…

[Also] hear how he was trained in Area 51 in a specially gifted group of highly classified psy spies to see beyond the famous Looking Glass technology into the future involving 2012 and beyond. Groundbreaking in every way.” ~Kerry Cassidy

“[The passing of the National Defense Authorization Act] sent shock waves through the community that I’m involved in.  Basically, that is the final straw of the complete erosion of Constitutional rights. It literally has government giving itself permission to violate the rest of the Constitution… Quite honestly, we are a False Flag away from enacting all that legislation that has just been created; one disaster away from — lock up whoever we say is a terrorist, and nobody will question who is a terrorist.” ~Bill Wood


Iran : US/Israeli “False Flag” Attack may be underway


“Several warnings of an imminent “false flag” attack by the Israeli-influenced United States on one of its own warships, which will be attributed to Iran, have been reported by several reliable sources.

In recent years “false-flag” terrorism has been utilized multiple times by US and Israeli political actors to provide pretexts for otherwise unjustifiable, anti-Islamic military excursions. The plan is to justify an all-out assault on Iran based upon a new fabricated “Pearl Harbor.”

Israel is the primary motivator behind the attempts to destabilize Iran. US traditional foreign policy was one of attempting to foster stability in the Middle East for oil markets. The Zionist impulse, conversely, is to destabilize all potential regional hegemons and carve the Middle East up into ethno-religious statelets. Thus, since the fraudulent events of 9/11, we’ve seen a policy of Middle East disintegration being pursued by Israeli-influenced American politicians. Indeed, recently released CIA memos reveal that Mossad agents have been posing as CIA agents and conscripting anti-Iranian terrorists.

Former Israeli intelligence officer, Avi Perry, startlingly wrote in a January 9th Jerusalem Post article of a forthcoming “ ‘Pearl Harbor’ scenario, in which Iran [will] launch…a “surprise” attack on the US navy,” giving the US “the perfect rationalization to finish them [Iran] off.” Tellingly, Perry chose to put the word “surprise” in quotation marks. Is Perry telling us something? …

In light of recent “deep political events” in Iran, including the recent murder of Iranian nuclear physicist Professor Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, it would not be surprising if the US and Israel were to raise the ante by implementing a fraudulent trigger incident, which may very well ignite World War III.”

“Stop Online Piracy Act” and the “Protect IP Act”


“If SOPA (or PIPA) becomes law, it will sooner or later result in the government seizure and shutdown of virtually all alternative news websites — especially those that disagree with the criminality of the current corrupt political regime in Washington…

Imagine the entire world wide web being “sanitized” by the government to remove any websites that do not agree with the government’s official position on finance, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. That’s what we’re facing if SOPA becomes law: A virtual wipeout of all truth across the internet, leaving only the lies of “official” government information…

While the global elite own and run the mainstream (corporate whore) media, and they own Congress, and they own all the influential non-profits such as the wholly corrupt American Cancer Society, they do not yet control the internet! This freaks them out, especially when they see so much truth being produced by liberty-loving individuals who are exposing the neocons, the socialists, and the criminal-minded thugs who run Wall Street and the White House. They are desperate to crush internet freedom and SOPA is the tool they hope to use to accomplish that. This is why your opposition to SOPA is absolutely crucial…

Take action today to voice your opposition to SOPA:

Click this link to email your Representative:

And click here to email your U.S. Senator:

Send your representatives and Senator a short message that covers the following fundamental points:

* You oppose SOPA.
* You will not support or vote for any candidate that supports SOPA.
* Urge them to vote against SOPA.

You can also call the capitol switchboard at: (202) 224-3121 and ask to be connected with your representatives.”

How To Practice Your Tolerance


“Whenever you notice that some form of negativity has arisen within you, look on it
not as a failure, but as a helpful signal that is telling you: “Wake up. Get out of your
mind. Be present.” ~Eckhart Tolle

“[If] somebody says something to you that is rude or designed to hurt, instead of going
into unconscious reaction and negativity, such as attack, defense, or withdrawal…
let it pass right through you. Offer no resistance. It is as if there is nobody there to get
hurt anymore. That is forgiveness. In this way, you become invulnerable. You can
still tell that person that his or her behavior is unacceptable, if that is what you choose
to do. But that person no longer has the power to control your inner state. You are
then in your power – not in someone else’s, nor are you run by your mind.”

The Matrix of Illusion


“Quantum physics has revealed what ancient masters knew: matter does not exist… The substance of the universe is consciousness. Belief that the substance of the universe is matter leads to a fear/greed dichotomy as people, in their quiet desperation, attempt to accumulate as many material possessions and riches as possible. In fact, the substance of the universe is consciousness; therefore, it is behavior that is important.”