The Next Buddha Will Be a Collective

“[D]istributed networks are becoming a dominant format of human technological and organizational frameworks. Think about the internet and the web as point to point or end to end networks. Think about the emerging micro media practices such as wiki’s and blogging, which allow many human agents to express themselves by bypassing former decentralized mass media…

Humanity has therefore a technology which has the fundamental effect of allowing the global coordination of small teams, which can now work on global projects based on affinity… [T]he over a billion already connected people are literally engaged in tens of thousands of such collective projects, which are producing all kinds of social value. The alterglobalization movement is one expression of a movement born out of such networks, which can globally organize and mobilize without access to the decentralized mass media, using a wide variety of micro media resources…

[W]e have here a mode of production and governance which can be applied to every human domain, and this is a radical advance in terms of participation. It is now possible to have self-governed communities… in the construction of collective spiritual knowledge…

This new vision of connectedness gives rise not to a generalized altruism, but to a vision that social systems have to be designed so that personal interest can converge with collective interests, and these principles are in turn embedded in the new generation of social software and social networks. Cooperative individualism seems an apt description of this new mentality, which is most pervasive in the newest generation of young adults, the so-called digital natives or Millenial Generation (those who became 20 in the year 2,000 and after, who grew up with the internet and collective gaming, and for whom sharing is said to be a default state). …

Cyberspace itself is fully embodied in the dynamic relation between humans and the planetary network of computers; it is a space generated by interconnectedness; it is premised on the full and unfettered mutuality of sharing information; it is an unlimited space for the expression of autonomous creativity; and its provides access for all to a vast range of multidimensional meanings.

It is in this sense that I call the internet, i.e. cyberspace, a global integral-spiritual commons. It has the properties and potential of an integral-spiritual space. The fact that such a space can be used for vulgar or corrupt purposes does not, in my view, detract from its inherent integral-spiritual status, in the same way that the spiritual status of free will is not in any way undermined by the abuse of free will. It is precisely that continuity of status, whatever we do with the gift, that sooner or later calls us to a liberating and creative use of the gift.”

Polar Mythology

“It just so happens that 25,920 years is approximately how long it takes light to travel between Earth and the super black hole at the center of the Milky Way. This suggests some kind of resonance between Earth and the Galactic Center whose frequency is inversely proportional to the Platonic year.

The implication is that the state of the World Soul is somehow interlocked with the electromagnetic, gravitational, and/or etheric resonance between Earth and the Galactic Center. This may mean that different world ages, and thus World Soul states, correspond to different locations along the wave spanning Earth to Galactic Center. As the wave travels, Earth experiences different phase angles of this wave, and currently it take 25,920 years to cycle through them all. At each phase angle (wave position) Earth’s axis points to a different pole position in the sky and the World Soul has a different coloration.

This indicates the Galactic Center is what generates the Etheric Tide. Since high demiurgic technology is deployed on Earth during times of heightened etheric potency, one can see its use being timed according to astronomical cycles. Thus the “program changes,” or modulations of the World Soul are intricately coupled to precessional cycles whose effects are catalyzed by demiurgic technology…

It all points to our physical reality being one grand machine involving Earth, Sun, Galactic Center, Etheric Tide, collective consciousness, and high demiurgic technologies interacting to determine the particular timeline or state of reality we experience… Reality, the ultimate oxymoron, is not simply a deterministic assemblage of matter and energy, but a perennially mutable product of intelligent creation.”

David Wilcock: The Source Field Investigations

“Did human extraterrestrials visit Earth — and predict a Golden Age will culminate in the year 2012, freeing us from evil, fear and doom?

Did the founding fathers of America inherit this prophecy — and encode it directly into the Great Seal of the United States? Why is there a pyramid with an eye inside a glowing triangle? Is Novus Ordo Seclorum quoted from an ancient prophecy text — the greatest and most secret treasure of the Roman Empire — predicting that humans on Earth will transmute into “light beings” and achieve Apotheosis — where Man becomes God — and the ‘Gods’ themselves return?

David Wilcock reveals the stunning scientific proof that DNA and biological life emerge directly out of the Source Field… a universal matrix of energy creating all space, time, matter, energy, biological life and consciousness — and we are indeed about to experience the Greatest Moment of All Time. Learn about the pineal gland, Illuminati, government conspiracy, UFOs, DMT, the Mayan Calendar and more…”