“Hunab Ku is an ancient Mayan symbol, associated with a philosophy of oneness with God and the unity of all things. In the ancient Yucatec language Hunab means, “one state of being” and Ku means, “God.” Another translation of the name Hunab Ku is “The Only God.”

In Mayan mythology, Hunab Ku represented the gateway to other galaxies beyond our Sun as well as a symbol for all the consciousness that has ever existed in our own galaxy. Hunab Ku was, to the Mayans, the supreme and ultimate Creator which, they believed, was indeed located in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The Mayans believed that the ultimate Creator directed everything that happens in our galaxy from its center through the emanation of periodic energy bursts of consciousness.

Hunab Ku is the joining of opposites: masculine and feminine, analytical and intuitive, objective and subjective, yang and yin, conscious and unconscious, external and internal – the Hunab Ku acknowledges the abyss between opposing forces and offers a bridge between them.”

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