“Hunab Ku is an ancient Mayan symbol, associated with a philosophy of oneness with God and the unity of all things. In the ancient Yucatec language Hunab means, “one state of being” and Ku means, “God.” Another translation of the name Hunab Ku is “The Only God.”

In Mayan mythology, Hunab Ku represented the gateway to other galaxies beyond our Sun as well as a symbol for all the consciousness that has ever existed in our own galaxy. Hunab Ku was, to the Mayans, the supreme and ultimate Creator which, they believed, was indeed located in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. The Mayans believed that the ultimate Creator directed everything that happens in our galaxy from its center through the emanation of periodic energy bursts of consciousness.

Hunab Ku is the joining of opposites: masculine and feminine, analytical and intuitive, objective and subjective, yang and yin, conscious and unconscious, external and internal – the Hunab Ku acknowledges the abyss between opposing forces and offers a bridge between them.”

Eckhart Tolle on Karma

“The only thing that can free you of karma is the arising of Presence.

At any point in the wheel of karma, Presence can come in. It can happen to a criminal in prison, condemned to death. It can happen to somebody who’s never heard of anything spiritual. It can happen to somebody who’s been meditating for thirty years.

Presence frees you from karma. Not all at once. Karma has an enormous momentum. The thought patterns, the emotional patterns, the reactive patterns. As Presence arises, gradually karma diminishes and you will experience a fading out of those patterns. Not that it matters that much anymore, because once you are present, those thought patterns may still arise, but it is no longer problematic. They no longer cause the suffering that they would have caused before, because they are seen in the light of awareness… [and] the patterns no longer dominate your life…

[T]ime does not free you of karma. The egoic mind says, “I need more time to become free.” The only thing that people may need more time for is that they need time to realize that they do not need time. It may be another twenty years of suffering for them to realize that they do not need time… before they realize the power of the timeless. The timeless is, of course, the end of karma.” ~Eckhart Tolle

Natures Calendar: Restoring Personal and Planetary Harmony

‘”Without the Thirteenth Moon; without placing the Thirteenth Moon back into our consciousness, we remain absolutely trapped in the complexification of form. With the 13th we have the transcendence and also the circulation of time.” ~Valum Votan

Why has the 13th moon been hidden from us? What is to be gained by suppressing the creational principle of Mother Nature?

Living under the guise of the 12-month calendar, we have come to view nature as irrelevant – wilderness without intelligence, sentience, or order. It is from this fundamentally flawed perception that humanity attempts to progress ‘beyond the limitations of nature.’ In fact, it is our model of nature that is flawed, not nature itself…

“[T]he stress of linear time contributes directly to an acceleration of the physical aging process, inclusive of deterioration and disease.” ~Deepak Chopra

Quoting Mark Comings, Quantum Physicist: “The intrinsic folly of this unnecessary yet widely promoted artificial dependance upon machine technology is that it discourages the development of, and even serves to hide the existence of, a vast spectrum of inner capacities – psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual potentials – that lie dormant within the biological human body in time.”‘

Hunab Ku : The Galactic Butterfly Mayan Creator God

“During an analysis of some low frequency radio wave images coming from the center of our Milky Way galaxy… researchers discovered a quite extraordinary intermittent signal, that seemed to be intelligently directed, which consisted of five highly energetic radio emissions of equal brightness that lasted 10 minutes each and appeared every 77 minutes over about a 7-hour period…

Perhaps the recent signals from the galactic center are a cosmic vibrational code, sent from the Creator to change our very human nature by restructuring our DNA… sent out in order to modify and increase our present understanding of the quantum universe we inhabit and, through this process of change, put us on a new, yet altogether ancient spiritual path that is but the completion of an ongoing evolutionary cycle and a cyclic return to its very beginning just as the Mayan Calendar seems to foretell…

Could the strange, intelligent signals emanating from the center of our galaxy, the Hunab Ku, be a cause of the weather and other changes we are experiencing here on Earth today? Will these intelligent, energetic bursts of consciousness increase in number and intensity as we approach the year 2012? Are they of an ancient cosmic spiritual nature, setting the stage for the change to a new cosmic paradigm in our Milky Way Galaxy? I believe that the ancient Mayan cosmologists would most likely answer in the affirmative… Yes indeed – change is coming very soon.”

Awakening to the Synchronic Order

‘”In the Gregorian/mechanical paradigm there is a belief system that makes you pay to be born, then go to an educational institution where you are basically taught and prepared to join the economic force, you are expected to graduate, go to college or get a good job, have a family, maybe get a vacation home, a sailboat or a house in the woods and then anticipate retiring so that you can have more leisure time.

This structure maintains the belief system that the purpose of life is to get a good job, work hard, make lots of money so you can enjoy some form of life of leisure or recreation on what is called the weekend or off hours. This model of reality is held together by the macroprogram of the Gregorian calendar and is reinforced at every level by all the different forms of public communication, media and education.”
[The Galactic Culture Master Plan]

Jose [Arguelles] determined that the only way this situation could be remedied was to return to living in the natural timing frequency. From his own experiments, he discovered this could be achieved through use of the harmonic matrix of the 13 Moon/28 day calendar. This was the only calendar used by humans that takes into account the unity of planetary and galactic time. He reasoned that if enough people agreed to get out of the robotic 12:60 box then the collective could express and experience a new freedom of harmony. It was up to the people to take back their time and return it to the earth…

“They (Mayans) came here specifically to show two things: one, that it is possible to live in harmony with all of life with very minimal technology as we know it; and two, to leave behind a code that unlocks the keys to how our life — DNA — is in resonance with galactic forces and energies. This code also functions as the calendar. Everything operates holographically.” [The Mayan Factor]’

Reality Loops, Virtual Inserts and Life Track Transfers : Tools for Navigating Transformations in Consciousness

“We all know what we don’t want. In the past we have experienced things we no longer choose. If we learn to bless these experiences and accept the gifts they have given us – however painful – we become neutral to them. This allows us to release images of what we don’t want… [I]n time, opening to the blessings of what you don’t want also opens you to what you do want.

To create a positive insert, switch your focus from what you don’t want or would like to get rid of to enhancing and developing your virtues. Create a positive insert for yourself that feeds both your mind and soul. Imagine you can have anything you want. There are no limitations, nothing standing in your way at all. You’re completely free… Use your imagination to build the image of what this looks like… Set the intention to have this reality. Determination is the certainty you deserve this. It is the knowing that this potential exists energetically… Trust in divine timing.

Keep reproducing the image of your insert in your thoughts and as time goes by, the insert will practically become a part of you. When this happens, it is no longer an insert… If you keep fixating on the image of the insert methodically and systematically, your soul will get used to the insert and begin to consider it part of itself.”