An Open Letter to My Tribe

“It’s precisely our fear of looking stupid, foolish and ugly that keeps us from evolving our consciousnesses as quickly as the moment now requires. Our self-consciousness is our current Permian event; our pride, our potential extinction. Now, more than ever, we must do our work — the grueling, messy, scary kind that’s anything but the fluff of New Age magical mind-stuff, of intending sun-drenched sparkles and rainbow-speckled dolphin pods.

I’m talking about the real-deal, down deep n’ dirty, in the trenches of our darkest, ickiest, ouchiest wounds sort of inner excavation that doesn’t brandish the glossy sheen of positive thinking, empowered languaging, free love, or fire dancing, all of which have their place, and still aren’t any sort of replacement for the often agonizing unearthing of core patterning that keeps us from truly loving ourselves, truly loving each other, and showing up as our biggest, brightest most authentic selves, in service to each other and the planet…

It’s our inner work that’s going to bring about the experiential shifts for which we are jonesing, and The Shift we are now being called to integrate and to embody.”

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