Massive Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Were Triggered by Solar Action

“The massive Japan Earthquake and Tsunami were triggered by massive events on the Sun and there are more to come in the next two years.” ~Piers Corbyn


Japanese officials admit partial nuclear meltdown now underway at nuke power plants

“Contradicting earlier reports that claimed the Fukushima nuclear power plant suffered no reactor core damage, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano today admitted that a “partial core meltdown” is now underway…

The conflicting reports coming out of Japan over the last 24 hours point to the very likely possibility of a massive Japanese government cover-up where government officials are telling the public everything is fine while desperately pumping sea water into the reactor cores to prevent them from going Chernobyl…”

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Your Higher Self

“Many lightworkers… are here this time around to take a leap of faith and stand strong within themselves.  Having the courage to see the world through the eyes of one’s higher self makes one impervious to circumstances they observe in the world.

We’re not talking about indifference to the suffering of others. At a high-vibrational frequency, it is more obvious that one cannot assist others by allowing themselves but to be pulled down into the abyss. Instead, by standing in a place of observing “what is” without reacting to it, you are empowered to hold a loving space for others who are still struggling. This is the way the world is transformed to a higher frequency: for each person to hold a high vision and serve as a beacon for others.”

So What?

“Becoming intellectually, emotionally and spiritually independent is an act of power that instantly and irrevocably detaches one’s consciousness from channeling the unreality broadcast of the construct. It is a natural, beautiful and easy thing to do. So what stops so many intelligent people from doing it? There are many answers, but one that quickly rises to the surface is fear of material lack.

The need to pay the bills can keep people in a loop of self-limitation and psychic compromise. Even those apparently lucky few for whom money ceases to be a hindrance, often descend into whirlpools of egotism, self-destruction and bizarreness. If someone’s consciousness is lo-fi, wounded and cluttered – whatever they do will follow this pattern, with or without money…

Regardless… we are compelled to acknowledge the need for material provision in our lives. Otherwise, quite simply, we fall over dead. Many spiritual systems observe that the higher energies of the universe provide abundantly for individuals who are tuned into its signal. A lot of brain churn and psychic noise has to be removed before we can feel it however. One has to create the space to receive the signal. Sometimes, it’s when we stand at the very precipice of physical/material security that the space naturally establishes itself. In this sense, the homeless guy on the street has a higher chance of tuning in than the Wall Street investment banker…

[T]he open conspiracy to suppress free-energy technology keeps us endlessly messing about with money, oil and violence. The private sequestering of earth’s resources and higher technology certainly keeps the human termite mound scurrying around, allowing precious little time for the real ascendant journey.

The control system really would be bollocksed if we didn’t need to slave within its industrial machinery. No lack. No dependence. As material resources, technology, education, spirituality, freedom and creativity began to globally flourish once more, the population explosion would begin to correct itself and within a few centuries, humanity would be back on track, self-sustaining, conscious and harmonic.”