Cry of the Eagle (Toltec Teachings)

“Never before in the history of man has there been such worldwide disunity. The world today is divided everywhere; churches are divided, esoteric schools of thought are divided, politicians, educationalists, medical practitioners, and even scientists, stand divided. This immense division has brought about a sense of gross separativeness, suspicion, fear and hatred, and as this takes root more and more deeply, man finds himself the victim of an ever-increasing sense of confusion and hopelessness. Abundance has given way to poverty, social well-being has been supplanted by violence, and security has been superseded by fear, as even family units are now being torn apart by the wave of segregation.

The reason for this worldwide disunity is simple, but nevertheless also profound in its implications. Man has, quite simply, reached adulthood. No longer content with having to accept at face value the rules which have dictated its childhood and adolescence, humanity in general has become anti-establishment. Impatient to be heard, and anxious to flex their psychic muscles, people of all ages and from all walks of life have begun a planetary revolution against the accepted authorities of society.” ~Theun Mares

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