The Biggest Secret – Chapter 21

“We have been manipulated by the Brotherhood into our personal prisons and the prisoners have been further manipulated into policing each other. Humanity is both the sheep and the sheep dog.

The Brotherhood set the religious, political, medical and scientific ‘norms’ by controlling those professions and, therefore, the norms promoted by the mesmerized media. Most people then live their lives within these norms and allow them to programme their sense of possibility, potential and who or what they are. This is the eggshell…

When people are conditioned to close down their consciousness they delink from their eternal soul and all the love, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration waiting to be tapped. It is not that we need to seek enlightenment – we are enlightened. We just need to remove the barriers of fear which disconnect us from our own enlightenment outside the ‘eggshell.'” ~David Icke

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