The Pleiadians Book

“You are members of the Family of Light and… light needs information. You are all fascinated with gathering data about unknown portions of your world and yourselves. You want to uncover those mysteries. It is part of your nature. As members of Family of Light you are for hire, you are available to travel, to go into different systems of existence and to take on the native disguise and to act as if you are a native born and bred, evolving through.

Accept [that] you are in disguise, you are on assignment. You come not to just evolve through a system, to learn from it, you come to bust it open, to change it…

Remember that your planet has been controlled by a society that has limited you and created chaos and fear and war and famine and man against man. That has been the history of the last 300,000 years. It has been man against man and that creates a certain fear amongst the natives. They broadcast it out. Collectively the planet broadcasts energy that these creator gods use. As members of the Family of Light you have come in to change the predominant frequency that is broadcast by the natives. You have come to be a living inspiration to show them how to act contrary to what they have been taught.”

Sun storm to hit with ‘force of 100m bombs’

“After 10 years of comparative slumber, the sun is waking up – and it’s got astronomers on full alert.

This week, several US media outlets reported that NASA was warning the massive flare that caused spectacular light shows on Earth earlier this month was just a precursor to a massive solar storm building that had the potential to wipe out the entire planet’s power grid. NASA has since rebutted those reports, saying it could come “100 years away or just 100 days,” but an Australian astronomer says the space community is betting on the sooner scenario rather than the latter.

Despite its rebuttal, NASA’s been watching out for this storm since 2006 and reports from the US this week claim the storms could hit on that most Hollywood of disaster dates – 2012… Similar storms back in 1859 and 1921 caused worldwide chaos, wiping out telegraph wires on a massive scale. The 2012 storm has the potential to be even more disruptive… [possibly] the most violent in 100 years.”

Shedding the Illusion of 3D Consciousness

“[I]t’s impossible to enter a new space by continuing to do the same things. Only the new can activate the new. To step into the new, you must become the new. You must bring your energy into alignment with the New Earth. To take this step of activating energies still latent within your consciousness, it is necessary to look closely at ways in which you are still habitually entrenched in old ways of being…

Examine the vibration of what you put into your body. Do you put low-vibrational packaged, toxic, irradiated and energetically dead foods into your body? Drugs, alcohol and pharmaceuticals can also contribute to a low-vibrational existence. Examine your habits. Look at what you do on a daily basis. Are your habits lifting you higher, leading you to a time of greater love and peace, or are they leading you into more of the same limiting energies you have experienced over and over? [Also] examine your emotions… [and] your vision for your life…

As you examine and address each of these areas, you are able to snip any strings that still hold you into third-dimensional consciousness. Once this is done, you are free to step into the next version of yourself, the “you” who is free of karmic debt and experiencing the vastly expanded energies and flowing blessings of the New Earth.”

The Age of Treason: 1958 Book Exposes Chemical Attack on Humanity

“Imagine yourself, if you can, becoming conscious that you are gradually losing your manhood; that your mind is rapidly deteriorating so that you are no longer capable of thinking clearly; unable to plan your future actions. Your resistance is becoming so weakened that you are no longer master of yourself. In short, you are rapidly developing into a moron, a robot, a zombie, readily subject to the dictates of others…” ~Dr. R. Swinburne Clymer, “Your Health and Sanity in the Age of Treason”

7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned

“The trust placed by consumers in scientific studies and Federal oversight committees has been violated in service to profit so that products are allowed to enter the marketplace with reduced safety standards. The synthetic chemicals we encounter on a daily basis in our food, water, and environment are increasingly shown to be disastrous to our physical and mental well-being. Volumes can be written — indeed have been written — by experts in both mainstream and alternative medicine who have documented the sleight of hand used to hoodwink consumers and threaten our health.”

7 Ways We Are Being Poisoned:

GMO Foods
Food Additives
Personal Care and Cleaning Products
Airborne Pollutants [Chemtrails]

The Connection between Channeling and Alkalinity

“[I]t is important to cultivate alkaline conditions in your physical system. This greatly enhances your receiving capabilities. Maintaining an alkaline body allows you to more easily connect with spirit. The more alkaline our bodies are, the more calm and focused we become. Our emotions become more harmonious and we become more receptive to spiritual guidance. We literally are vibrating more in harmony with the energy of our higher self…”

The Magic of Inner Peace

“You may find yourself wondering why you chose to be born onto such a dense energetic plane. The answer is simple. You came here to anchor the energies of the New Time where peace and love are the primary frequencies. This may seem a monumental task given the current landscape of your world, yet your own experience of this New Time is already a sprout growing inside you…

As you unite with your higher consciousness, you experience a heightened awareness that activates advanced inner technologies of telepathy, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience… The “magic” of this transition is activated the moment you turn your focus away from strife and unrest and begin to cultivate and nurture the seed of inner peace within you.”