“A sacred wound is a karmic lesson…”


“Early in each lifetime, a sacred wound is “stamped” on the consciousness, usually through a set of circumstances, though it can be a single incident. Sacred wounds can be created through illness, accidents, family turmoil, and seemingly insurmountable challenges. At the root, a sacred wound is a karmic lesson carried over from past lifetimes.

Throughout the life, each person begins the quest to gain the understanding that will satisfy their karmic lessons this time around. Once this lesson is satisfied, one is able to effectively achieve emotional freedom and step off the karmic wheel.

Once free of enslaving emotions and impulses, the conscious mind is free to join in partnership with the higher self to rewrite the plan for the rest of the life on Earth. This plan usually involves creating a way to use one’s talents, earthly knowledge and spiritual wisdom to assist others with their own process of awakening.”

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