“Contemplations on the mysterious nature of existence within the astonishing elegance of the universe…”


“We are now in a phase where ignorance of one’s own inner knowing no longer provides exemption from engaging with dharma, one’s authentic path. There is no place for being unaware of what we know we should be doing – and ignorance of this principle is no defence against contravening it…

For those who walk the path – normality is fake, it does not exist… Normals, as we might call them, are in fact characterized largely by their negative aspect, by what they do not do. For example, normals create little or nothing. True innovation, spontaneity, risk taking and courage are barely perceptible in the course of their lives… They tend not to question the authoritative hierarchies that control their lives. They certainly prefer not to discuss matters of substance. Contemplations on the mysterious nature of existence within the astonishing elegance of the universe is unthinkable…

What is to be had from being contemplative or philosophical? There is no commercial value and such things bring only existential unrest. So they avoid it. Disown it. Replace it. Fear it. Whatever. Watch television.” ~Neil Kramer

Project Camelot | Anglo-Saxon Mission Witness interview transcript


Bill Ryan: “[I]n this behind-the-scenes government that is orchestrating this entire plan, lies a non-human intelligence… [I]t takes an enormous amount of long-term thinking, strategic cunning, to plan going over many generations, which is the result of an extremely high intelligence just to play this chess game on such an enormous scale. So some people, myself included, suggest that this must be a non-human intelligence that’s behind this.”

Witness: “Yes. And my perception is that this intelligence is incredibly logical, without any empathy, without any love, care, understanding or compassion. They’re cold and calculating and logical beyond any logic that we could muster normally. They go well beyond that — they’re such supremely intelligent people. These are people who can produce answers to really difficult questions without blinking an eye…”

B: “What can ordinary people do? How should they react? How should they think? Do you personally feel that this is inevitable? Do you think we’re all doomed in some way?”

W: “No, absolutely not… We will endure. But to endure, from one person to the next, is not to work for them anymore… It’s not to react violently against them because they’ll win… They breed on fear and violence — the reaction from fear… What’s needed is non-violent reaction: simply just not doing the job for them any more.”

Project Camelot | The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Bill Ryans Presentation transcript


“We’re being deliberately dumbed down. Our food is being poisoned, our children are being lied to in the schools, we are being fed propaganda in the media, we’re being forced into this tiny, little box. We’re being kept busy with game shows and ballgames, and we are discouraged from really finding out what it is that is our heritage on this planet…

[T]his plan requires such a superhuman level of intelligence and strategic understanding, and is so ruthless, and so cold, that the logic suggests – and David Icke says this, Jordan Maxwell says this, we say this ourselves with full agreement – that this didn’t come from a human source. People aren’t capable of doing this against other people. There’s something else behind this.”

Linking the New World Order and Manipulative Extraterrestrials


“[H]umans need to re-inspire their vital organic consciousness of empathy for each other and for nature, while also seeking to critically affirm their rights and freedoms as a sentient species…

Humans need to begin to repair their collective consciousness that may have very well been socially engineered by regressive aliens with the support of human ego-driven cliques… Otherwise, humanity in the current alleged “New World” of an altered time-space continuum will allegedly become fully assimilated and conquered by a demonic transdimensional agenda.”

Unemployment Deployment


“[S]itting here with no money, barely making rent, drinking coffee, eating noodles and vegetables that I grew in the garden and drawing has made me really re-establish what it means to live. A small steady income is all that’s necessary, really, and that’s just to pay rent, eat and travel if I need, right? How much money do people need? Because even though I’m unemployed, I’m still happy. In fact, I could be the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Possibly ever.

And through that happiness, not anger, I realize what needs to be done. The system that got us here will not be changed until that motherfucker crumbles from within. The reinvigoration of the creative mind is at hand, and if I’m going to be involved in anything, I’d like it to be that. ‘That’ being the unmistakable shift that’s going on around us.”

Time Control Technology Disclosure


“Dr. David Lewis Anderson has entered the public arena to widely disclose the existence of nothing less than time control and related technologies (including a time reactor that taps into the “free” energy created by the earth’s frame-dragging through space time). This may be the most powerful technological development humanity has so far constructed…

An international Time Race has been secretly underway. Public awareness of such technologies, as well as the governmental, military, and corporate interest in exploiting them, may be the most important issue we deal with as a species since the discovery of atomic power.”

UFO Facts


“Yes, there have been ET visitations. There have been crashed craft. There have been material and bodies recovered. There has been a certain amount of reverse engineering that has allowed some of these craft, or some components, to be duplicated. And there is some group of people that may or may not be associated with government at this point, but certainly were at one time, that have this knowledge. They have been attempting to conceal this knowledge or not permit it to be widely disseminated…

[As to] the question, “How could it be kept secret?” It hasn’t been kept secret. It’s been there all along. But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and create confusion so the truth doesn’t come out.”
~Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut