Alex Collier – Awake and Aware Transcript

“The people, the personages, that rule the planet are not us. They are not human beings. And I will say this with my very last breath: They are not us…

They have all the technology and everything they need to continue to control and dominate and brainwash…

It was very easy to take over the governments: You dangle technology, you dangle knowledge, you dangle ancient history, and you give them this technology in secret… The United States of America made this mistake…

Now, look at the structure that is overlaying us: Governments of control and dominance; a monetary system that controls everything. Corporations and banks that own the debt of every nation, which means literally they’re in control, because they have the debt. We have medical and pharmaceutical companies who have had cures for cancer and other diseases that now want to damage your DNA with untested vaccinations.

Imagine how afraid they are of you! …[A]sk yourself the question: Why are they afraid of you?

Because we are awesome, awesome Creator-Gods. We have the ability to create reality, to bring it forth, to call it forth, and they have done everything they can to continue to make sure that we believe we’re powerless.” ~Alex Collier

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