The Intrinsic Link between Abundance and Spiritual Purpose

“[E]mbrace not knowing, embrace chaos, embrace the messages you are receiving… It is your ability to embrace the chaos of the unknown that enables you to stand strong in your beliefs and your commitment to your spiritual purpose.”

The Cleaver : The Fall And Rise Of The Divine Nexus

“The most delicate stroke of the archaeologist’s brush reveals that, even at the very uppermost surface layers of reality, there are no separate things. Chairs, tables, shoes, apples, grains of salt… all merely temporary configurations of energy arising from the same ultrasoup of potentiality. Everything is connected to everything else at the deepest level. This is now basic knowledge, not abstract, fringe supposition. It’s simple physics, day one coursework.

So if everything is one system, undivided and intimately co-existent, if a single being becomes more conscious, this inevitably brings awareness into the entire system. The shaman understands that to affect the apparently external world (a mind projection), one must familiarize oneself with the inner landscape to make any real progress. They are one and the same.” ~Neil Kramer

Psychedelic Medicine News and Blog Archive – The Last Word : An interview with Terence McKenna

“All boundaries are dissolving… What’s happening is, a single human viewpoint is sort of coming into existence; a viewpoint that values nature, values natural resources and tries to, however clumsily, to make some kind of peace out of the whole human mess that we’re now mixed up in… It brings an empathy to the destruction of the planet… The cutting of the rainforest is no longer abstract – it’s actually something you can feel and relate to.

So, if we begin to see the aboriginal people of every continent as the holders of this knowledge, they will begin to look not so naive, not so foolish… but actually as sophisticated people who have developed a working relationship with these powers, and that’s the only way we’re going to get real political change.” ~Terence McKenna

The Role of Chaos in Achieving Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness

“[A]llowing the past to unravel while the future has not fully crystallized is a rite of passage where you are presented with the opportunity to test your spiritual alignment. As the safe harbor of what you have known recedes into the distance, a vast ocean of unknown possibilities stretches before you. To navigate this ocean of unrealized possibility, it’s necessary to connect with your inner guidance, to set your sights on the bright star of your spiritual purpose, and begin to navigate by its light…

The willingness to undertake a journey into the wilderness of the unknown with only the light of your inner guidance to steer by is sometimes known as… “the dark night of the soul.” …During this passage, your higher self directs your attention to those parts of yourself that need healing and love… As wounded parts of yourself receive the healing and love they need to grow, mature, and expand, you’re able to achieve a new level of inner unification. This is what allows you to burn through any last remaining barriers that serve as gatekeepers to fifth-dimensional consciousness.”