New Age Love and Light Fallacies

“[W]hile the New Age arena contains many valid and highly useful concepts that I incorporate into my everyday life, it also has a lot of trickster deception inserted into the works. Concepts that start out on the right path, but then seem to veer off into left field… Beliefs that are 180 degrees opposite/inverted of what actually seems to be the case…

[M]y biggest brow furrowing moments tend to occur with the “love and light” material. Love is great, and I’m all for the light, but there’s something really off about so much of the material… to the point where it strikes me as being a knowing diversion ploy, to steer people off track. Love and light material tends to be so focused on the light, fluffy and ethereal, with a reluctance to face anything negative for fear of attracting it in, that it may ironically serve the purpose of helping to keep people in the dark.”

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