Conversation with Barbara Marciniak

“[The Pleiadians] claim that they are kin to us, and that they have come back in time from their future to our present time. They say that humankind faces a critical turning point in years between 1987 and 2012, and the choices we’ve made in their probable timeline have created a massive tyranny.

To solve their dilemma, they’ve returned to what they call a “nanosecond in the annals of time” to help us more clearly see our choices and possibly create an alternative probability based on personal empowerment and our connection to nature. Otherwise, we may end up as disempowered drones living a nightmare existence as half-human/half-machine beings…

[A]s the years unfold toward 2012, everything accelerates faster and faster… In the past, what would have taken months or years for a cause, like a good or evil deed, to have its effect, will begin to happen within days, hours, and minutes. It will become blatantly obvious to all of us that we are the creators of our reality, and by changing our thinking, we can change ourselves and our circumstances. This is self-empowerment.

The forces, which would turn us into soulless machine drones, work to convince us that we are powerless victims at the mercy of random forces and that we have no influence on the shape our lives, individually and collectively. The critical choice during these years involves accepting personal responsibility: we must claim our power and change our lives for the better or others will claim it and enslave us.” ~Barbara Marciniak

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