“Path of Empowerment”

“For many decades, a very controlled and corrupt media has been directing the attention of the masses by uniformly reporting on a state of managed chaos, which is scripted and staged to produce mental confusion and fatigue. The relentless reporting and rehashing of catastrophic and traumatic events, with images of despair and destruction repeatedly planted into the minds of the viewers, create supreme states of anxiety and are, in reality, a form of psychological warfare…

When millions of people focus their attention upon listening to the same words, seeing the same pictures, and hearing the same descriptions, tremendous energy is generated and a massive thought-form is created… The media captures your attention and then programs your imagination… You have been conditioned to believe that all you need to know can now be found in the wonderful world of electronic boxes and the information and entertainment they hold.

When “the news” is slanted toward a message of continuous war, a state of despair and a sense of hopelessness are created. A paralysis of power takes hold because you become convinced that the only reality is what is described and prescribed by the authorities in the box. Reality is created and produced by each and every one of you, and those seeking to control the world have kept this knowledge a well-guarded secret.”
~Barbara Marciniak (Chapter 2)

TV viewing at all-time high


“Americans are watching more video online, on their cell phones and on television… The report, covering the last three months of 2008, shows that the average American television viewer is watching more than 151 hours of television per month — an “all-time” high — up from more than 145 hours during the same period the previous year.”

Conversation with Barbara Marciniak


“[The Pleiadians] claim that they are kin to us, and that they have come back in time from their future to our present time. They say that humankind faces a critical turning point in years between 1987 and 2012, and the choices we’ve made in their probable timeline have created a massive tyranny.

To solve their dilemma, they’ve returned to what they call a “nanosecond in the annals of time” to help us more clearly see our choices and possibly create an alternative probability based on personal empowerment and our connection to nature. Otherwise, we may end up as disempowered drones living a nightmare existence as half-human/half-machine beings…

[A]s the years unfold toward 2012, everything accelerates faster and faster… In the past, what would have taken months or years for a cause, like a good or evil deed, to have its effect, will begin to happen within days, hours, and minutes. It will become blatantly obvious to all of us that we are the creators of our reality, and by changing our thinking, we can change ourselves and our circumstances. This is self-empowerment.

The forces, which would turn us into soulless machine drones, work to convince us that we are powerless victims at the mercy of random forces and that we have no influence on the shape our lives, individually and collectively. The critical choice during these years involves accepting personal responsibility: we must claim our power and change our lives for the better or others will claim it and enslave us.” ~Barbara Marciniak

Obama – Napoleon with a Weak Personality


“In the current American and global economic crisis, a Black president creates fantasies and false expectations… [It] gives a new veneer to the political system of the decomposing United States whose representatives are despised and hated [throughout] the entire world. This also creates an illusion of a solid bourgeoisie democracy where the black and the white, the poor and the rich, have the same rights and the same opportunities, including being able to become the most powerful man in the land.

An imperialist state such as America isn’t transformed from bad to good only because its president has dark skin. Social classes have nothing to do with ethnicity or social status. You can be white, blonde, black, Chinese, etc. but this does not define your political position within the state or within society.”

New Era Of Chaos Has Taken Hold


“[R]eports and analyses have recently predicted that the world is on the brink of severe social unrest due to the financial crisis… An increase in urban warfare training drills throughout the U.S. does not bode well in the light of such reports, particularly given that… active duty troops inside the U.S. will be designated to deal with “civil unrest and crowd control”.

Of course, out of this chaos, as we have consistently warned for over a decade, is being presented a new order… Essentially, this would be the final nail in the coffin of the free market, and would usher in a new period of global government…”

Project Camelot | Peter Levenda


“We feel fortunate to have stumbled upon Peter Levenda’s impeccable research, which connects the dots between the agenda of the Illuminati, the Nazi influence within black projects and the US government, and the role of the occult and mind control in what is becoming the new world we are living in where the very foundation of freedom is being attacked and curtailed, threatening our humanity at every juncture.”

Oops. We overlooked 193,000 square miles of ice


“In May, 2008, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) predicted that the North Pole would be ice-free during the 2008 melt season because of ‘global warming.’ Today, they admitted that they’ve under-reported Arctic ice extent by 193,000 square miles… And we’re supposed to trust these people? …That’s the size of Maine, Vermont, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and West Virginia combined!”