The bloody Israeli sojourn in Gaza

“What about the 400 children who were killed, many of them incinerated by white phosphorous? …They’re gone, their lives were snuffed out. Snuffed out for what? …400 children were incinerated by this Satanic State… Let them all burn in hell for what they did to the poor people of Gaza. What did those people ever do? 80 percent of them are refugees and the children of refugees who were expelled from Israel in 1948, that’s how they ended up in Gaza…” ~Norman Finkelstein

Trust and Believe in Your Highest Vision

“Steps to receiving a spiritual vision:

1) Set your intention to open to the visions your spirit brings you.

2) Enter a peaceful, trancelike state through breathing, meditation, self-hypnosis or other techniques.

3) Quiet your mind, release all thoughts and remain in a state of alert listening.

4) Allow an image to form in your mind.

5) When you see this image clearly, write it down, speak it into a tape recorder, or sketch it out.

6) Enter a state of allowing. Allow this image to exist in your consciousness without knowing how it will manifest.

7) If you have questions about this vision, ask your guides and higher self for clarification…

8) As you receive guidance, be willing to take steps to take act on the images you receive. Part of this step is acting with impeccable timing. This may mean watching for signs and synchronicities to line up. When you see your guidance line up with your environment, be willing to act impeccably within the moment…”

The Zionist Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Obama is a complete creation of extremist Jewish Zionists and he has already begun to serve Israel by his top appointments… Obama is completely controlled by the same forces that have controlled George Bush…

With an almost godlike positive image around the world, a Barack Obama who is in reality controlled by Israel, is a much bigger danger than was even George Bush. We know what Bush is, but too many Americans and other peoples around the world are falling for the lies about the new “savior” of the world…”