“Stone Age Night”


Babak Tafreshi


Big Bang theory challenged: New theory on the origins of the Universe and Humankind surfaces


“This new theory suggests that this universe neither originated from a spontaneous “Big Bang”, nor from a benevolent “God” creator, as is imputed by various organized religions… [it] suggests that humans originated from an “organic universe” that exists in a parallel time-space continuum to this universe…

However, Alex Collier [and many others] alleges that a clique of Nazi scientists in a parallel 1931, created a “rip” in the time-space continuum, that provided an entry point for Manipulative Extraterrestrials. These Manipulative Extraterrestrials, then instigated an intergalactic war, against humanity, with the support of their Nazi allies. Once these time-traveling aliens entered that parallel organic universe… [they] went back in time to change the whole of Earth’s time continuum… to isolate humanity in an apparent “barren” universe, to make humans more susceptible to religious doctrine.”

Project Camelot: Bill Homann – Journeys with the Crystal Skull


“So who did it, how they did it, that’s what makes the Skull so interesting. But the real thing about the Skull, what it is, is what you feel about it, you know. People pick up this energy, this specialness…

One of the jobs it does, it works on the heart chakra, opening peoples’ hearts to this universal love. But what it also does is, it works on the ley lines of the Earth. And it helps to balance out the energy… The Mayas believed it was a god. To them it was like their god had returned. But what it really is, it’s a tool to open the heart to the universal love.”

Project Camelot interviews Bob Dean : The Coming of Nibiru


“There is no past, nor is there a future, there is only an eternal now… And I don’t have any fear… Get rid of the fear, you have nothing to fear. You are an immortal, timeless being who has an infinite future in a glorious universe that’s so filled with beauty and life that we on this little tiny planet couldn’t begin to grasp… Go into tomorrow with courage because you’ve been through a hell of a lot worse before.” ~Bob Dean

The French Revolution


“Trotsky defines a revolution as the moment when the masses, that is to say, the millions of ordinary men and women, begin to participate in politics, to take their lives and destinies into their own hands. Revolution stirs up society to the bottom, and mobilises layers that were previously inert and “non-political”. The role of women in the French revolution is a graphic illustration of this fact…

But the greatest protagonist of the Revolution has no name. It is the revolutionary people itself, those countless unknown and unsung heroes and heroines who were the mainspring of the entire process. Where the masses are allowed any role at all, it has traditionally been as a kind of dumb herd of animals involved in a blind revolt against suffering. This version also does not do justice to the truth. The spontaneous movement of the masses, it is true, played a most important role. But even here the movement was not entirely spontaneous. It had its local leaders, although most of their names have not been preserved…”