Flying into the Sun with John Lear

John Lear: …The J-Rods and the Grays… those guys are just cybernetic organisms. They come here. Their job is to see if this farm – I used to call it an experiment, it’s not an experiment – it’s a farm, a soul farm, if things are going along fine.

I used to think it was evil. It’s not. We’re just developing and those guys, the Grays, are just here monitoring, seeing everything’s going OK. They pick up kids when they’re 3 to 4; they pick them up when they’re 7 to 8; then once they’re 13 to be sure everything’s OK. That’s all their job is.

Project Camelot: Genetic manipulation, in other words, upgrading the race.

John Lear: Right now we’re arrogant murderers, thieves, you know, and we learn to grow out of it. When we grow out of that we’ll be able to go and play with everybody else in the universe, which is a great big wonderful place.

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