Project Camelot : Michael St. Clair

“This picture is showing a landscape that was photographed two years ago in China. It’s a landscape that shows basically a seascape, sea and just a normal edge of coastline with trees and landscape and basically nothing on it… This photo is shot by at least hundreds, if not thousands, of people…

Superimposed, what you see, is obviously a city. We’re not sure if the city’s ancient… or if it is future. OK? So here comes our time travel notion. Clearly we see. And then of course the media try to falsify and say it’s a mirage… It is not.

In my opinion this shows very clearly the alternate… overlapped reality. In other words, that at the same time, in the same space, exists another reality, superimposed on ours.” ~Michael St. Clair (Part 2)


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