KRYON – Manhattan, NY 2006

“You think you’ve got past lives? You don’t. You have multiple current lives all at the same time. When you get out of time, as you have known it, what are you going to call it? Think of it this way – it’s a whole layer of lifetimes, but you’re living them all once right now, so therefore they’re all now lives… all of them.

But there’s one on top of this layered stack who is in control, and that’s the one that you are living now – the one you see in the mirror – the one that is currently occupying your body, who you think is the only one. This is the one who talks to all of the others in what you call the Akashic Record. This is an interdimensional concept and is also represented by one of the layers of your DNA… also invisible. This interdimensional layer of DNA reminds you that all of the other lives are still there being lived at the same time, but out of a linearity way. Why do I tell you this? Because there, my friends, is the storehouse of your power.”


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