The Succor Punch

“A Succor Punch (“SP”) is the name coined for a quartz crystal that has a mobius coil wrapped around it in a special knotting configuration. The special knot creates a ‘node’ which enhances the desired action. When you pulse a square wave signal from a squarewave signal generator into the mobius coil, it sets up a chaos field which interacts with the crystal to create scalar waves which can then be programmed with your thoughts. Forces are set in motion both on the third and fourth dimensional levels.

To utilize the SP, you turn it on and hold it over your heart chakra and tell it what you want it to do. If you are a victim of ELF or microwave Psychotronic torture, you instruct the SP to create a perfect shield against any form of harmful energy that is beamed at you from any dimension, which is intended to cause you harm from any sentient being or thought form directing that harmful energy towards you. You also program the SP crystal to transmute any negative directed energy that may penetrate your protective shield, into a life-enhancing energy that invigorates and energizes you, rather than harm you.

You can also program the SP to beam the energy back to the responsible offending parties who are responsible for sending this negative energy to you, the same negative energy, but in an intensified form that the offending parties are defenseless to shield against. Some like to refer to this game as “Etheric Warfare”, but I prefer the less military term of “Etheric Resistance.”‘


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