Project Camelot : John Lear (Part 4)

B: [We’ve been] contacted by a scientist who is a nephew of one of the ex-CIA Directors. He’s a solid, very smart guy. And he went in for a couple of days to do a particular technical job in Dulce… As part of his briefing, he was told what he should do if he should encounter a Reptilian… what he was told is… you drop your hands with your palms open to show that it’s a gesture of supplication. It shows that you’re not a threat…

And he did encounter one of these. He encountered one Reptilian in silent communication with one Gray… And he did what he was told, you know. And he said that this large creature was awesome and arrogant and cold, and looked like he could just, you know, kill you with a single blow… And you know, just back away… back away slowly. And everyone was cool. Everything was cool. And he told us this in a very matter-of-fact way. Does that match what you’ve heard?

J: Absolutely. 100%… It sounds like many stories that I’ve heard… [John Lear – Part 4]


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