The Illusion That Surrounds Us All

“What in particular are we taught about our chakras and their color sequence in the New Age movement, the healing arts and in many religious and spiritual teachings? We are taught that the spiritual colors lie at the top of the head, in our crown chakra, and away from the center of our being…

And what are we doing by placing our spiritual consciousness into the outer part of ourselves, in the top of our head? We are placing our spirituality into the control of our intellect and ego! We are pointing and focusing our spirituality away from it’s source, away from it’s Heart Center, our true spiritual center, and are merely excommunicating it to a life in the wilderness, a life in the ego-intellectually perceived consciousness of reality – the chaotic part, the 0.001% of who we really are – instead of a spiritually perceived consciousness…

This current belief promoted throughout the new age, the healing arts and spiritual teachings is another example of the inversion and reversal of truth we are constantly being subjected to.”


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